Foaming Sensations

I've been ploughing through bottles of bubble bath recently, the soapy past time becoming my favoured way to relax after a strenuous day.

I recently attended the Boots Summer Press Day and had a sneak peek at the new Mediterranean Bliss Spa Indulgence range from spa giants Champneys. I really like the Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven, so much so, that I used the bottle up within three weeks - see the empty bottle for yourself below! The packaging is a hit with me too, which is very erm spa-like! I love the jewel tones combined with gold.

When this hits stores in April, I'm adding this to my 'bath smellies drawer'. The lather is luxurious and I found the blend of fig milk, olive leaf and green tomato non-drying and it smelt great. I had expected it to smell similar to a herb garden when I cast my eye over the scents it contained and I'm so pleased it didn't! I think it would make a nice Mothers Day gift too actually - be sure to check the rest of the range out when it lands in branches.

 Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven £12

I paid a visit to Boots yesterday and when faced with the dozens of bath treat choices, instead of reaching for the likes of Radox or Imperial Leather, like I sometimes do, this caught my eye instead.

I like fruity scents and Boots Ingredients Mango and Orange Blossom Bath Foam looked intriguing. As soon as I unscrewed the cap and had a sniff, I was sold. It smells divine! I managed to grab the last bottle and hoped it wouldn't become a watery, flat mess once I chucked it the bath. However the inner snob in me, prepared for disappointment as I poured it into my running water.

Boots Ingredients Mango & Orange Blossom Bath Foam - £1.35

Amazingly, it proved me wrong. I was convinced it wouldn't perform as well, being so cheap, but it foamed up easily and my bathroom was soon basking in the sweet, pleasant tones of mango and orange - yum! It wasn't overly moisturising. but I added a drop of baby oil to my bath oil, so as not to resemble a dried prune when I climbed out.

Its exceeded my expectations and I have no qualms about purchasing this again. 500ml of product for £1.35 is a no-brainer and I'm looking forward to trying the other scent in the range, Coconut and Almond, which had sold out (always a good sign) in the branch I visited.

What have you been treating yourselves to in the bath lately?

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