MAKE UP FOR EVER Unveils Its First Unretouched Ad Campaign

French make up giant Make Up For Ever have showcased their first ever unretouched advertising campaign. The campaign, showing off the effects of their popular High Definition (HD) foundation, launches online today and will appear in issues of select national magazines.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation was created to be used in front of unforgiving high definiton video cameras and provide results so flawless that the need for retouching has been eliminated.

Impressive - MUFE HD Foundation in all it's glory.

I applaud MUFE for their decision and believe this will only increase their profile amongst professionals and consumers alike. I don't doubt that the model used, more than likely had near-perfect skin to begin with, but MUFE get a pat on the back for attemping to prove the claims they make with their best selling foundation - a very smart marking move indeed!

Available in 26 shades to match all skin tones, MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation provides oil-free, medium-to-full-coverage that creates a soft-focus effect to soften lines and blur imperfections.

Hopefully more make up brands will follow suit and release campaigns that haven't been digitally altered, showing us how their products really perform behind the camera.

I remember the buzz MUFE's HD foudnation created when it was released and along with many, I bought it (actually I have a back up bottle somewhere too). Although it's not one of my fave foundations, I rate MUFE for having the balls to prove their products worth. 

Have MUFE gone up in your estimatation for daring to go against the grain of the cosmetic industry? Have you tried MUFE HD foundation? If not, are you curious to try it having seen the campaign image?

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Shortiee31 said...

*Starts applauding MUFE!*

Betty Ray said...

This is awesome news as retouching in makeup ads has always driven me insane. How can you properly show the makeup if it's all retouched? Now, can we do something about the lash enhancing mascara commercials where the girls are wearing a butt load of falsies? :)

나니 said...

Wow... *_* that's quite amazing! -applauds- Way to go, y'all at MUFE!

I hate retouched makeup ads. -__-" What's the point of the models wearing the makeup, if they're gonna need retouching anyway? LOVE this initiative! Way to go MUFE!

Ev said...

yay for MUFE for doing their best to show the quality of their products! ... and i agree with Betty Ray ... now we need those mascara commercials to show their true colors, because those lashes are so digitally enhanced!

Doma-Nikki said...

I think this is a fab idea definately!! I especially do not like mascara adverts even though they state they use lash inserts etc!

Great post :o)

Holly said...

It’s not unretouched – I found another version of the same photo where the make-up looks different. Evidence and side-by-side comparison:

Kimmi - said...

I am a huge fan of MUFE and this product was the first item I ever bought by them. It is now my HG foundation.

This model is obviously gorgeous and the photographer would be a pro so of course this shot is going to look amazing, but still, this product is awesome.

I hate people who link back to their own posts but I think the evidence is in real life photos. I did my own 'no retouching' shots in a recent review that you can view here (if you are interested)

Annie said...

Sad that this is a newsworthy exception, rather than the norm

Tina said...

Yes, definitely a smart move on their part!!!
More brands should follow suit!



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