Mandara Spa, Elemis Sister Brand Launches Sainsbury's!

Mandara Spa, a sister brand of Elemis have launched a new spa quality bath, body and home range exclusively in Sainsbury's stores nationwide. Already a hugely popular spa brand with over 100 spa's worldwide, the range will comprise of five spa experiences; Tropical Blooms, Honeymilk Dream, Amber Hea,ven, Island Paradise and Citrus Spice.

Despite being cheaper, the products contain the same ingredients that are used in the treatments carried out at the Mandara Spas which reflect the quality that is synonymous with the Elemis brand. They are also all paraben and SLS free - so no nasties either.

I tried some products over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised. Here's what I got to play with:

Amber Heaven Pampering Honey Bath (500ml) - £12.50

I love the warm, musky smell of Amber and couldn't run my bath water fast enough! I like the outer packaging, the rich purple contrasts well with the gold lid - although be warned, it weighs a mini tonne! You get a whopping 500ml of product which I think is pretty good value and the Amber Heaven range is made up of cocoa butter, gold of pleasure oil (nope, I have no idea what that is either), hibiscus flowe milk, jasmine flower milk, patchouli, sandalwood and shea butter. Mmmm!
Tropical Blooms Pampering Honey Bath (500ml) - £12.50

If musky, warm scents aren't your cup of tea, then maybe Tropical Blooms might appeal to your tastebuds instead. Fruity and exotic, this is quite an uplifting scent which cast me off to a faraway island as I lay relaxing in the tub. This sweet smelling blend of fragrances consist of cocoa butter, frangipani flower milk, hisbiscus flower milk, jasmine, macadamia oil, starflower oil and ylang ylang.

The consistency and appearance of both are identical, pearlesque in colour and quite runny, perhaps to tie in with the 'honey' theme. Easy to pour from their sturdy tubs, they lather up well to start off with, although by the time I had climbed out of the bath 20 minute later the bubbles had subsided considerably, which was a bit disappointing for a bubble lover like myself.

Honeymilk Dream Nourishing Body Butter (350ml) - £9

After drying off, I turned to the Honeymilk Dream Nourishing Body Butter, which contains acacia honey and almond - and smells divine!! When I lathered this on after my bath on Saturday night, its amazing scent actually wafted behind me. The key ingredients of the Honeymilk Dream range include acacia honey, cocoa butter, kukui nut oil, mango butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil. So much goodness!

It's a fairly rich body butter, which doesn't need to be used in large quantities in order to moisturise sufficiently. I can't get enough of the smell of this. It smells so good! Note how much product you get for £9 - 350ml! The Body Shop Body Butters cost £12.50 for 200ml and Boots Natural Extracts cost £7.92 for 200ml, so they surpass both in terms of value for money, Of course if you're not a fan of honey/amonds then you probably won't like it - although surprisingly it's not an overpowering scent at all, which I had fully expected it to be. Either way, it's not a problem, you have four other scents to choose from.

As well as other bath and body treats such as scrubs, oils, shower creams and gels, Mandara Spa also includes fragrance diffusers, hand washes, room and linen mists. Prices start from just £5.

I think this range is good value for money and the products I tried are of a high standard for what is essentially a supermarket beauty brand. Remember to check it out next time you pop in for a loaf of bread!

*PR samples

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

nicoletta said...

Oooh these look lovely and im pleased to read they have the handwashes. Im looking out for a nice handwash i will check these out thank you xx

Sami said...

Ohh wow... can't wait to get a sniff of this stuff! It's a shame this new range didn't come out during winter as it'd would've been the perfect pampering treat for cold evenings! xx

cherry said...

I've tried the honey bath and it was so refreshing. Here in Aberdeen it quickly gets run out of stock.

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