Rimmel Summer 2011

I had a look at the upcoming products from Rimmel a few weeks ago. Steamy, sunny days still seem a long way off, despite the 10 minutes of flash sunshine we had bestowed upon us last week. Rimmel Summer seems to be all about muted shades with pops of bright colour.

Comprising of nail polishes, lipglosses and a limited edition eye shadow quad, it's quite a compact collection.

Their instant tan and bronzer line, Sunshimmer, also makes a welcome return - which is yet to appear instore. I'd really like to take a closer look at the split shade bronzer again as I was pleasantly surprised at how the different shades showed up on my skintone - I didn't expect them to! Hopefully that'll be in store shortly.

Vinyl Lipgloss in Sunny Smile (705) and Red Ginger (640) - £4.99 each
Lycra Pro Memory Nail Polish in Peppermint (312) and Aqua Cool (420) - £4.59 each
Glam Eyes limited edition eye shadow quad in SummerBloom (205) - £6.99*

 My fave products are the nail polishes, particularly the blue which I wore a couple of weeks ago. The mint green is also nice but if you don't get the application spot on, it can look very messy. Both have creme finishes and reach opacity with two coats.

I'm not overly keen on the eye shadow quad, which wasn't as pigmented as I expected it to be - however, I suspect that may have been down to the fact that it had been swatched a million times before I got to it and was the victim of oily fingers. That aside, the colours aren't really ones that I'd usually pick for myself to wear.
The two lipglosses are quite nice, but my first impressions of them in the tube, was that there was nothing outstanding about them in terms of colour - a bright cheery red and a shimmery bronzey nude. I'll do a separate post on those once I've tried them out.

What did leave me pleasantly surprised were the bronzing powders - particularly the smaller compact, which is separated into assorted shades of warm brown, bronze tones. When swatched, they left a nice glow on my skin and I can envisage it complimenting a 'naked' Summer face when it's just too hot to wear much make up. I don't know the name of either since they're not part of the summer collection per se, but they're easily identifiable so you'll have no trouble spotting them once they're released.

Anything catch your eye? Are you a Rimmel fan?

*Available for one month from 8th of June in Superdrug stores (so Rimmel say ...but I saw it yesterday in the Superdrug branch near work!)

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Tass said...

I really like Rimmel, mostly for the whole nostalgia thing coz it was my go to brand when I was a teenager.

Love their polishes! The formulation and the wide brush gets a thumbs up from me and I'll be checking these new colours out. Peppermint looks good xx

Miss Jones said...

aqua cool looks stunning! yay summer xxx

Cecilia said...

This looks interesting, thank you for the pictures! I really like Rimmel nail polishes too. Mint feels a bit overdone by now, but the blue looks nice.

ShimmerDreamz said...

I'm a definite fan of the Rimmel nail polishes - the brushes are fantastic and so's the colour range. I'll probably be having a look at the mint green from the collection, though am quite wary now that you mentioned the application problems.

Are the bronze compacts shimmer or matte colours? All the tubes of fake tan in the photo left me rather nervous, actually. So not a fan of it and my last fling with fake bake spray tan left me with streaks a week on.


Cassie x

VexintheCity said...

@Tass - I love the wide brushes on their new polishes too! They make painting your nails so much quicker.

@Miss Jones - Yeah baby!

@Cecilia - Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm over maint nail polish too.

@ShimmerDreamz - There aren't any 'application problems' as such. What I meant was, you know if you apply mint or any pastel polish messily then it really tends to show up.

The compacts are shimmery, but def not glittery, they give a soft, subtle sheen to the skin. As for fake tan, I'm not interested in it, in the slightest (for obvious reasons) so can't really comment on that LOL

Lulu B said...

Oooh I really love the look of the nail lacquers! So refreshing and perfect for spirng xx :o)


♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

I love Rimmel so to see this makes me smile some fun summer make-up to look forward to!

MEVISH said...

I love rimmel nail varnishes. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics x


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