Strike Gold with a Michael Kors GWP

Buy any Michael Kors 50ml fragrance from a department store counter, and you'll get this snazzy gold weekender bag to take home too.

Having seen it in person, I can vouch that it's lightweight, roomy and large enough (without being HUGE) to squeeze in a pair of jeans, top and a toiletries bag. It's at counters now, and available whilst stock lasts.

A stranger to Michael Kors fragrances? Have a sniff of Micheal Kors Very Hollywood (£42 EDP), which is a flirty floral infused with Gardenia, Mandarin and Soft Amber.

It was Vocaltest who spurred me to go and have a sniff of this, which ended up in an unplanned purchase last year - so thanks Caroline!

Other Micheal Kors scents include Very Hollywood Light, Michael Kors For Men and Michael Kors For Women.

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