Changing Faces: No 7 Illuminated Make-Up Mirror

During Christmas I took advantage of the Boots sale and bought the No 7 Illuminated Make Up Mirror which had been reduced to £25. Once again I used Boots Order and Collect service, which enabled me to pick it up free from the branch of my choice, instead of paying the £2.95 delivery charge.

I've always wanted a magnifying mirror and this offers 5x magnification which shows up every pore, blemish, crevice and all manner of other things you never knew were sitting on your face! I was totally obsessed, staring at close ups of my skin constantly, days after it had arrived. The magnifying feature is perfect for plucking stray hairs from unruly eyebrows. It's amazing how many hairs you miss when using an ordinary mirror.

For every day make up application, just flip it over to reveal a standard mirror - both sides have 360 degree lighting around it, but I rarely use this feature as I find the lighting to be quite dull - although I think it's meant to have a softening effect. I prefer to use it in natural daylight, that works best for me. Because I rarely switch it on, I find the mains lead a bit of a hindrance and wish it could be removed.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. Do I think it's worth the RRP of £51.05 - no sirree! But for £25 (well £25.52 now, damn that pesky 2.5% VAT increase), you have a dual mirror with an excellent magnifying feature for your money.

Good news - it's been reduced to half price again on the Boots site, so if you've been umming and ahhhing over this, then now's a great time to buy it.

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Alisha said...

Ive been so tempted to buy this. I think I might just. great post babe x x

VexintheCity said...

@Alisha - For £25, it's a great buy for the magnifying side alone!

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I remember we both bought this at the same time. Mine has been used a total of ONE time because I get too excited looking at my skin under the magnified side.

The box is very bulky for the mirror so it's hard to bring it home on the tube/bus and the lead needs to be a lot long as mine barely reaches the power source. And I agree with you on the light thing, it could be brighter but it does help with eyebrow plucking.

I'd no way pay the full £50 for it but it's pretty good at half the price.

The Dollymix Diaries said...

I got this mirror a few years ago when it was on sale. I love it, very ideal for plucking stray hairs. x

Epiphannie A said...

I'm soo tempted to buy this now after the review (and at half price, there is more of a reason), but my room can get quite dark so I'm not sure about the 'soft' lighting this offers . . . What to do???

*LilBiuty* said...

I got it 2 years ago during the Christmas period as well and I love it! Don't really use the light as well and that magnifying side has got me obsessed with pores, scratches and hairs lol!

Sher said...

I need this mirror,thanx for sharing hun


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