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My skin's still an absolute mess at the moment and I've been forced to completely change my skincare routine until it gets back on track. I'm being good, taking my make up off at night and drinking lots of water, and still, it's acting up like a b*tch!

Below are the products I've been using lately, although I suspect I'll be switching a couple as of this evening.

1. Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser - £29 *
Murad have launched a new Anti-Ageing Blemish line for adults struggling with acne. It aims to restore a youthful complexion while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds like the perfect combo for me! The Time Release Acne Cleanser is a cross between a cleansing gel and lotion, which foams up ever so slightly and claims to kill bacteria on contact. I use this morning and night, don't find this drying in the slightest and particularly enjoy the cooling effect it leaves on the skin once I've rinsed it off. I believe that's down to the tea tree and salicylic acid in it.

2.Origins Ginzing - £20
Since using up Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Eye Recovery Complex (good grief, what a mouthful!), I've purchased Origins Ginzing. I've been using it for about two months now and really like it. It's moisturising and easy to absorb, however it targets puffiness, dark circles and bags and I need an eye cream with anti-ageing properties too so I'm on the look out for another eye cream to use in conjunction with this.

3. Guinot Shine Control Toning Lotion - £16.50
I stumbled upon this toner whilst researching another Guinot product which had been recommended to me by an old work colleague. My skin often appears shiny by midday, and I'm not really one to touch up five times a day, I just don't have the time to keep peering in a mirror! Designed for oily skin, this toner promises to reduce surface shine and refine pores. I sweep this over my nose and cheeks which are my oily areas and My skin doesn't look as shiny as it usually does half way through the day. Unfortunately I'm not keen on the smell, you can really smell the alcohol in this - in fact it smells just like the alcohol I use for pressing my eye shadow pigments! I fear in the long run, this will prove to be too harsh for my skin, although I haven't reacted to it or experienced or dryness. I purchased mine on Ebay for about £12

4. Murad Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF20 £46.50 *
In the past, I found moisturisers aimed at blemished skin to be quite drying, but I've been using this every morning (also from the Anti-Ageing Blemish line) for about a fortnight and haven't ditched it for another yet. It's supposed to minimiser blemishes and oil production, something which I hope it   Impressively, the SPF doesn't leave an unsightly white cast on my skin either which I've experienced from some moisturisers containing SPF. It's not cheap, and for that reason alone, I wouldn't repurchase unless it was on offer.

5. Alpha H Liquid Gold £31.50*
To be fair, I haven't used this as often as I should be in order to see the effects (if any) that it gives. On the random nights that I have, I squirt the liquid (consistency is like that of a toner) onto a cotton wool pad and sweep it over my face. You can use a moisturiser afterwards, but for an intensive treatment, skip your night cream and leave it to do its magic. In as little as a week you can expect to see brighter, firmer abd clearer skin. Sounds too good to be true right? It's Alpha H's best selling product, so that gives me some hope! I fully expected to wake with my face feeling dry and tight, but nope, it felt absolutely fine. I think starting from tonight I'll use this every two days (it's recommended you use this on alternate nights) and see what happens. It can also be used as an effective treatment for acne when used in conjunction with other Alpha-H products. Oh and a heads up, you may experience tingling when you put it on your face - it's to be expected and subsides with regular use.

6. The DoctorBrand Spot Eliminator - £6.95*
Designed to shrink spots as they appear and calm skin, this light lotion is recommended for use up to three times a day on the affected area(s). I use it both morning and night but haven't noticed a marked improvement and will be replacing this with Murad Acne Spot Treatment as soon as I can find it. Perhaps it would work better in conjunction with the rest of the Blemish Relief Starter Kit.

7. All For Eve Age Delay Facial Oil Created by Alpha H - £44
All For Eve have joined forced forces with Alpha H who have created a facial oil in support of The Eve Appeal Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund. I like to use this at night in place of a moisturiser when I want to rehydrate my skin. It contains kernel and rosehip oil to soften and aid dehydrated and mature skins. It's a lovely product, and I wake with my skin feeling nice and soft but I'm under no illusion that I can probably get the same effects from cheaper facial oils on the market - or from plain old almond oil which you can pick up for as little as £3.

I've suffered from pigmentation scarring on my cheeks since the age of 13 or so when I started to break out as many teenagers do. My Mum and Aunt have the same scarring so I guess it's hereditary. I'd rather it not be there, but I'm used to it, barely noticing it now. It's the cluster of spots on my cheek, chin and along my jawline that I've suffered from ever since that godforsaken facial I had in February which are really getting on my last nerve. My skin's 'angry' and I don't know why.

I've started using the Clarisonic again, on average around four times a week. I no longer use it to cleanse twice a day, every day for fear of aggravating my skin further. It's helped with the abrasions felt across my forehead caused by a weird rash that broke out a fortnight ago. see? This crap is never-ending!

I'm over the worse of the breakouts that have erupted all over my face in recent weeks (yes, believe it or not my face was even worse the snapshot photo depicts), but I'm now now left with red, blotchy scarring and more dark blemishes caused by old spots than I've suffered from in a very long time.

The state of my skin at the moment sans make up - not impressed.

My skin is reminiscent to how it was in my teens ..erm hello, I turn 30 in July, what the devil is going on?! Thank God for make up!!

Here's hoping I see an improvement by the end of the month *sighs*

*Product(s) were received for review consideration at a press event.

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LionLovingTiger said...

I've been loving Ginzing in the morning and Origins Starting Over eye cream at night even though I grudge paying for two expensive eye creams!

I remember my skin went totally crazy for a while... I had to basically cut everything out and start from scratch. I found that cleansing with Aquaeous cream was really good and calmed my aggravated skin.

Glad you mentioned your Clarisonic... I'm thinking of picking up the Mia when it launches in Space NK this month. Just wish the returns policy was more like Sephora... such a big investment!


Imo said...

Hey sweets I completely feel you Adult acne is so annoying, depressing and frustrating. Im on a skin care regimen since Jan and my skin had cleared up tremendously but ive still got a few scars, nothing aha cant sort out.

I use products and its 100% worked for me. Check out the site and Id advise to stop using the clarisonic because it will aggrevate your skin further. x x x

Naomi said...

Hey Hun

Anytime I have an angry episode with my skin I go and get a Glycolic with Dermabrasion facial (Skin Health Spa) and after one treatment it helps to prep the skin to absorb products and leave it smoother and more clear.

StealMyHeartLove said...

I hope your skin gets back to normal, you have to use gentle, yet effective products.

I was suffering from a major breakout by using foundations that did not mend well with my skin. I've stuck to one foundation and up my water intake and my skin care routine and my face is looking much better. I still have a lot of dark spots that need to disappear, but I can deal with that, not pimples.

take care xx

VexintheCity said...

@LionLovingTiger - Ginzing's nice innit! Ahh good ol' Aquaeous to the rescue.The UK returns policy is a pain.

@Imo - Yeah spots are a flippin' pain! I'll check that site out (not that I need to buy MORE). The Clarisonic worked wonders when I used it, that's the joke. It doesn't appear to be making it any worse at the mo.

@Naomi - Hmm that sounds interesting. I've always though dermabrasion wasn't so great for black skin. I'm having an Alpha H facial on Tues night and I hear they're REALLY good, so fingers crossed. Thank you.

DesignerSpray said...

I LOVE Alpha H's Liquid Gold, I also used White Gold which was supposed to help with uneven skin tone. It worked like a treat, my skin would looked polished after a couple weeks of trying it out. But after a while, it stopped working for me. GAH! xo

Enitan said...

no way you turn 30! you're gorgeous!

VexintheCity said...

@DesignerSpray - Oh I didn't it tonight! I forgot to! I'll start with it again tomorrow. I hope it works.

@Enitan- Yep! Thanks - I'm so not though! LOL


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