How Far Would You Go in the Name of Beauty?

From one wacky treatment to another, it was recently revealed that Jennifer Lopez is preserving her good looks with no other than a facial which containts extracts of human placenta tissue.

*Excuse me as I vomit in the corner*

Yes I kid you not, Jenny From the Block boosts her glowing complexion with two placenta facials a week which set her back £700 (which probably converts to £7 in her mind). This unique treatment involves a normal cleanisng and exfoliation routine, then the placenta tissue being applied in the form of either a mask, cream or gel which is massaged into the skin.

Results are said to last three months - longer than a typical facial and further boosted as human placenta is high in protein and contains concentration of the amino acid glycine - which makes your skin appear younger and healthier and is also highly recommended for those who suffer from acne or sun damage.

Wanna be named Most Beautiful Woman in the World? Slap a placenta on your face!

As icky as this sounds, something is doing her skin the world of good as Lopez was named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in the World last Wednesday! Reese Witherspoon and Madonna have also been cited as huge fans of the facial too.

If curiosity has got the better of you, then shimmy on down to Bloww Hair and Urban Spa where they're offering a 60 minute Phyto Placenta Rejuvenating Facial for £95 - not cheap, but sounds better than £700, that's for sure!

How far would you go in the name of beauty?  Placenta facial anyone?

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Tass said...

Disgusting! She does look amazing though. Maybe when I get to 41 and I look like crap, I'll consider it lol.

Isn't there also placenta in some lipsticks or is that a myth?

VexintheCity said...

@Tass - Yeah, the bish DOES look hot! Placenta in lippies?!! Are there? I've not heard of that before, but ewww anyway!

Saz said...

I wonder, where do they even GET the placentas? Surely there's no 'tick here to donate your placenta for beauty purposes' form when you give birth? hahaha.

VexintheCity said...

@Saz - Hmm I'd rather not even think about that LOL

liloo said...

yukkie yukkie yukkie. x

thewriterrunner said...

Have you noticed J-Lo is everywhere right now? How did she go from not being relevant to being People's Most Beautiful?

She's undeniably gorgeous, but I think her PR (and a deal with the devil, same thing probably) is the real hero here, not her placenta facials/ firstborn babies' or kitten's blood/whatever the hell she's using.

I swear Hollywood is becoming more like Death Becomes Her every day - the bish has probably been dead 5 years and nobody's told her!

Skin Scrubs said...

I thought it was bad enough when slebs were getting the Nightengale Poo Facial now this?

I hate the fact that magazines still have 'Most beautiful woman in the world' articles. Hello it's 2011 and who are the judges???

Muhsine said...

Ewww I don't care what age I am no placenta or anything related to a placenta is going near my face!!! I wouldn't get the treatment done even if it was free... *vomit*

Sana said...

That is a little crazy. But honestly, if I had the money to do that, I totally would. Obviously its working out for her. Her skin is gorgeous! I guess this explains why so many celebrities literally have flawless skin. I THINK placenta catalyzes cell growth because it contains nourishing ingredients. I'm not sure though.
Thank you for sharing:) Love your blog, following!!!


Amina said...

that is just GROSS!! Plus, I feel that by doing that treatment, she is contradicting what she said in previous interviews with Latina Magazine. She always said something along the lines i.e take good care of your skin by drinking lots of water, eating healthy and exercising!!

farah said...

In Asia, placenta jabs are quite popular.Its more beneficial if its combined with raw Vitamin C.These 2 are quite a hit in my hometown as all the celebs, models are taking it as the price for each jab is roughly around 20 to 25£,.U need to take One jab per week for 6 weeks, result is to said gorgeous, smoother skintone.Ive taken 3 so far, did notice some improvement but lazy to follow up and fork out more money on it :)

나니 said...

Ew... -____-"

Trina J Makeup said...

Wow!! Talk about the things we do to stay beautiful. It is definitely working for the Latin bombshell. Thanks for sharing!!

Jo said...

Is that like, legal?! Haha. To be fair, she does have beautiful skin - but is probably followed around by 3 makeup artists at all times. I think my skin would look a lot better if i had someone dusting my tzone every 10 minutes too!

This is not a facial i will be trying tho :) Just a bit too...weird.

SoFrolushes said...

yucky indeed, but I wish I knew about this 3 and 5yrs ago. I could have made some money off my babies placentas. cha if they will pay for it lol

surely some vitamin e oil and oatmeal scrub can do the trick. whats in a placenta iron and protien. mmmm interesting all the same but not for me


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