The Nail Files: Misa Toxic Seduction & OPI Only Gold For Me

My desk at work is fast transforming itself into a mini nail bar much to the amusement of my colleagues. I currently have approx eight nail polishes lined up neatly behind my keyboard which are sporadically applied depending how bored I am after lunch!

I own a few Misa nail polishes, one being Toxic Seduction, which is a dark bottle green shimmer. Initially it applies rather sheer and is quite runny. In fact one coat looks pretty pitiful, but it comes alive with two coats - although my preference is three due to thin consistency of the polish.

On my nails alone, I think it looks quite boring and is more suited for autumn/winter than a warm spring day, so I thought I'd jazz it up a little by applying OPI's Only Gold For Me over the top.

My colleague was quick to point out that my nails resembled "a Harrods carrier bag" (their carrier bags are bottle green and gold). I suppose it could be worse - they could resemble a Lidl carrier bag! I may revisit this combination once summer is over, but I'm looking forward to sporting a bright polish again tomorrow.

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LaaLaa Monroe said...

I like the combination. I can't take runny nail polish, it kind of puts me off the brand in a whole sometimes.

LMAO @ they resemble a lidl carrier bag.

LauraSummer said...

Gorgeous combination, yeah at least harrods' carrier bag is about as classy as they come in carrier bag terms! LOL at the lidl comment though! X


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