Oops I did it again - Recent Beauty Buys.

I've been quite choosy about beauty purchases lately. I guess you could say I've reached saturation point with my make up collection and don't really feel I need to add much else to it. It's been fun 'collecting' new products and picking favourite shades and finishes, but my days of weekly 'hauling' are over.

My excessive hauling days may be nothing more than a humorous memory, but that's not to say that I don't have my moments where I still get a little overzealous and overindulgent. What can I say, it's the beauty addict in me!

Here are some of the products I've purchased recently:

 Lucas Pawpaw Ointment

Alongside products such as Lanolips, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and Pure Papaya, you'll also find Lucas Pawpaw Ointment. A multi-purpose balm which tackles grazes, sunburn, chaffing, burns, cracked skin and even nappy rash. For £4.50 for a 25g tube gives me enough product to last a good while. I bought this from the Cult Beauty pop up shop which was set up in Selfridges. It's a handy little product to have in my handbag.

BECCA Skin Perfector in Bronze

I've wanted this product for the longest time, but the shade Bronze had been discontinued. Huge thanks go out to the lovely lady who handles the UK BECCA Twitter account, who managed to track one down for me, in the theatrical make up superstore Charles Fox, in Covent Garden and also to Get Lippie, (no that's not her real name) who was kind enough to pick it up and post it to me at work as I had no time to pick it up myself. The BECCA skin perfectors are supposed to be some of the best luminisers in the industry. I've had no time to play with it properly, but will make a point of wearing it to work tomorrow! Expect a follow up post on this, later in the week.

Tweezerman Pointed Tweezers

The only tweezers I'll use. I don't like slanted varieties, I find they don't get all the stray hairs out. I misplaced my favourite purple pointed Tweezersman and need a quick replacement, so bought these off Ebay for £11. They're easy to use, yanking out the teeniest of hairs and come with a lifetime resharpening guarantee - not that I've ever used it. I don't have the patience to send them to New York to be resharpened, when you can probably take them to a key cutter down the road! This must be my 5th pair now - love 'em.

Murad Night Reform Glycolic Treatment

A discount code offering 50% off landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, for Strawberrynet.com which was too good an offer to turn my nose up at, so I indulged myself and purchased this from Murad which has excellent reviews. Having become somewhat obsessed of late about waking up and looking far older than my years, I invested in this night treatment which is clinically proven to improve the firmness of your skin by 28% and stimulate cell renewal. I'm willing my skin to revert back to normal, so that I can start slapping this on it!

BECCA Cream Blush/Bronzer Brush #34

Another purchase I made from strawberrynet.com was the Becca Creme Blush/Bronzer Brush. I've been curious about this for a while, but the price tag (£34) was off putting. Purchasing it half price wasn't so bad so. When it arrived, I took a sharp intake of breath, for at first glance it looked as if they'd sent me an eyeliner instead - that's how small the box is! Closer inspection revealed it was in fact the brush! I haven't had a chance to try it yet but reviews over on Makeupalley.com are promising. I have quite a few cream blushes and now that the weather's warming up I'll be pulling them out of hibernation this week. Yes, I can use my fingers or my MAC 187 or 131 brush, but my blushes deserve the best and this brush supposedly makes cream blush application a dream - although after fondling it upon arrival, I wasn't overly impressed. Hmm we'll see ... I must mention the speed at which my order arrived. I placed my order late last Saturday night and it was with me on Tuesday. Wahey!

 ELF Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20

I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by this. I bought Expresso (for dark skin with yellow and red undertoens) fully expecting it to be too light for my skin tone, but it matches my skin perfectly. I had to do a double take in the mirror! I find the coverage to be better than the MAC tinted moisturiser I used to own (which has now been discontinued). This actually gives my skin coverage - in fact it can pass for a foundation!  It's a shame it doesn't go any darker. I'll definitely be repurchasing this again. I've used it daily since I bought it. Only £3.50 and comes with SPF20 too - bargain!

Have you tried any of these products and what have you been buying lately?

(I'm now on a strict spending ban cos I'm going away with the Mr in a few weeks. No more make up/skincare purchases for a while!)

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Ki said...

Ooh I must try the elf tm now! :)

Miss Jones said...

the becca brush looks absolutely gorgeous im such a brush whore xx

Big Fashionista said...

I looked at every single one of your purchase and though ooooh, I could do with one of them!!!!

I need a shopping trip ASAP!!!

x x

Cecilia said...

Great purchases. I love Becca's SSP so I can't wait to read your review to see how you like it.

nicoletta said...

Look forward to hearing what you think of the murad treatment x

Silver Lips said...

You have peeked my interest with that elf tm. I've been eyeing it and thought it will never work or match but, now i'm about to order b/c I swear by mac's tm and if this is just as good. I have saved myself some money big time. lol That becca brush looks yummy as well . nice haul

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Amazing purchases! The Becca brush looks lovely.

I've recently bought Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream too. x

Get Gawjus! said...

the becca products seem droolworthy! You're tempting me to get the illuminator now.

Sher said...

great buys hun,I need to try Elf tinted moisturiser nw that summer is fast approaching.thanx for sharing

beautydiarist said...

I think that Lucas PawPaw is the biz in terms of all round balm - and its large red tube means it is not lost in the detritus of my bag/shelf/box/ of makeup. Love the skin perfector too. Thanks for this. Jan x

VexintheCity said...

@ K - For the price, you can't complain.

@Miss Jones - I'll review it soon.

@Big Fashionista - Then my work is done! LOL

@Cecilia - I hope I can make it work.

@Nicoletta - I hope I get along with it.

@Silver Lips - I prefer it to the MAC one I had. For the price, it won't be a costly mistake if you don't like it.

@Tackyblueeyshadow - Cheers hon. I'll review it soon. I don't like the smell of EA cream!

@Get Gawjus - They're raved about so much. I hope it lives up to the hype!

@Sher - You're welcome :-)

@beautydiarist - Yep, I really like it, it's a great buy :-)

Lycrafancypants said...

I want that Paw Paw ointment just because of the name lol. I'm a mess.

I'm interested in the Elf TM, but I'm honestly always suspicious of them. Anyone ever gotten that weird "Bloomingdale's is discontinuing this makeup line and its all cheap" email? Then it turns out to be the elf website? Mmmmmhmmmm

Henessy said...

The Lucas' Papaw Ointment is a fave of mine, it helped me through the winter months.

I definietely need to try the ELF tinted moisturiser now. Do you know what colour I should get if I am a NC50 at MAC?

kitjoegia said...

Hi you will love that becca skin perfector so multipurpose will last forever such a great post take care Jo

Eva said...

Yes, I Adore ELF tinted moisturezer nude color! It is AWESOME!!! As you mentioned, it definetely covers my skin and matches it perfectly! It's not greasy which i appreciate a lot! Definetely will buy again!!


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