Bargains at The Body Shop!

Just before I went away on holiday, I popped into The Body Shop to stock up on one of my favourite shower gels - Sweet Lemon. It had been my intention to walk out with ONE shower gel bottle! Needless to say, it didn't quite work out that way ..

First of all, I renewed my Love Your Body card for £5 in order to get 10% off my purchases for another year.

There's currently an ongoing promotion on their shower gels at the moment:
2 for £6 / 3 for £8 / 4 for £10

I opted for four ...

The Mango smelt so good, I bought two!

The sales assistant at the till then told me that if I spent over £25 that I could choose THREE full size products from the Originals line  -  a selection of handpicked bestselling products that The Body Shop used to carry in the 1980s. 

To make up my £25, I decided buy the famous Hemp Hand Protector to see what all the fuss is about and a round body brush to try my hand at some body brushing, which I haven't bothered with for yeeaaaaaaars!

The FREE Originals I chose were:

Green Apple Bath & Shower Gel
Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel
Carrot Moisture Cream

Oh and to top it off, because I had renewed my Love Your Body card I was able to told to pick from a selection of the supersize (400ml) shower gels. I picked another bottle of Mango. Again, this was free!

Now in true fashion, I had totally forgotton that I'd bought all this and stumbled upon it last night! I didn't even end up taking my beloved Sweet Lemon shower gel away with me in the end, I took a load of Elemis stuff with me instead! I never cease to surprise myself at how easily I forget about purchases that I've made, I'm terrible! Does anybody else do this? At least once every six weeks, I'll come across a carrier bag, peer inside and coo "Oh yeah! I forgot about this/these" and carry on, happy as larry! At times my head is firmly in the clouds.

I'm also that person who pays for stuff in shops and then walks off without their purchases, having the poor sales assistant call after me!

Anyway, enough about my wreckless shopping habits, pop into your local branch if you fancy a splurge and some free treats from The Body Shop too!

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City Girls Fashion Box said...

thats AMAZING! i bloody love that satsuma and mango stuff - although it worries me how they can give so much stuff away, i truly hope they arent going down the pan.

and thank the lord you posted this, i just remembered i have a £20 groupon vpucher to use on Naked body care! xxxxx

Karleigh said...

LOL I do that all the time, especially in Boots. I buy a crapload of things, put the bag under my bed and then forget all about it... Sometimes I even buy everything again totally forgetting I've already bought it :)

I wonder if this offer's still on...?


VexintheCity said...

@City Girls Fashion Box - Bloody good deal, eh? Nah, they're not going bust!

@Karleigh - LOL You sound worse than me! I don't buy the same stuff again!

I think the shower gel offer is on til the end of the year, I googled it before posting. Not sure about the rest ..ring up your local branch and check. I bought all this three weeks ago.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Sounds great, going to pop in tomorrow. I've never tried any of TBS shower gels, will give them a whirl.

Sadie xx

Aysh said...

Lol! I do the EXACT same thing! Haha glad to see I'm not alone! Believe it or not I do this most often with clothes shopping...I often stumble across carrier bags in the boot, cupboard, under the bed, you name it! Always a pleasant surprise though ;) Love your purchases hun, they all look so yum! Shall deffo be popping by with my Body Shop card for sure! No doubt I'll probably forget about this inevitable haul also... ;) terrible! haha!

Love Aysh xoxo


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