Hello..Remember Me?

Some of you may have noticed I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks. I've been in Portugal with my beloved, which was lovely and it was so nice to just turn our phones off and escape away together!

The private beach at the back of our hotel. Bliss.

During the past couple of weeks I've fallen victim to the worst allergic reaction I've ever experienced in my life (I mentioned it on Twitter a couple of days ago), combined with a nasty bout of eczema on my hands and elbows. I suspect it was the Alpha H SPF50 which caused this latest outburst, even though I've used it before with no incident. I dunno ...is being allergic to SPF quite common?

I'm sick of the way my skin has been acting for the past few months and will be seeking a referral to a specialist from my doctor next week. In the meantime, I'd like to get tested for allergies and find out exactly what I should be cutting out of my diet and I'm busy researching clinics at the moment.

 My skin at its worst.  See? I wasn't exaggerating!!

The worst of the peeling/flakiness has now healed but I'm still left with some scarring and obvious dryness. Not impressed. At all.

Whilst I was away, I managed to miss my bloggiversary - again! Vex in the City is two years old! Whoo! I'll be posting a H.U.G.E giveaway soon, but more importantly I aim to regain control over the direction I want my blog to travel in.

 I always wonder if readers notice I have London on one side, and New York on the other of my blog header!

Reading through old blog posts has given me inspiration and the break I've had has done me the world of good. I was beginning to feel quite disillusioned and overwhelmed by blogging and was ready to hit the delete button. I've now recharged my batteries, have fresh ideas and I'm ready to go!

Thank you for the support so many of you have shown my blog, it's always a pleasure to log onto my dashboard and find new comments to my posts, both old and new. The past year has been a lot of fun. In the meantime, pray for my face please!

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Sher said...

first and foremost welcome back honey,we missed you looks like u had lotsa fun..its nice to have romance away from all the stress so am happy4u

About ur face I cannot believe it OMG!Hope u managed to get it unde control lets hoe ur GP does a referral asap hun,I hope u recover from this reaction&ur face clears.

I have applied Iman face creamwih SPF15 before my skin breakout like crazy but having said that I have extremely snsitive skin so idk

Im glad u aint deleting ur awesome blog,we nee u so much!!I would be so gutted coz u r one of my fave UK blogger,so inspirational&funny!! love reading ur posts&updates

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Hello lovely! I am so glad that you got to go away with your hubby and have some time off together. I'm sorry about the allergy and eczema. i hope you find a good specialist soon and sort it out. I love your blog and i am so glad that you didn't hit the delete button! Happy Second Birthday to your blog!
All the best,
nunu @thedollymixdiaries


KennethSoh said...

I was thinking about you couple of days away when chatting to some of our Twitter mates. Am so sorry to hear about the skin reaction! Hope it gets better soon. Happy birthday for your blog too! If there's any way I can help, give me a shout ok? See you soon xxx

Tamara said...

Congratulations on two years!

How lovely to get away and just unplug. I adore being connected with social media, but there are definitely times to put the phone down and just enjoy life. I'm glad you got a chance to recharge, I am looking forward to your new posts.

All the best with your skin. It's definitely worthwhile to root out the source, despite the lure of 'quick & easy' topicals.

Take care & welcome back. :]

Kim said...

I hope you had a lovely time in Portugal :) It's always nice to have a break and recharge isn't it? xxx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Nice to see you back, glad you had a lovely time in portugal. Eek at the allergic reaction, fingers crossed the doctor manages to sort it out. I've had eczema in the past and still get flare ups every now and then. Regular no scented moisturising always seems to keep mine at bay.

Sadie xx

liloo said...

woah. i am ashamed to say that i actually never noticed the two cities on your banner. oopsie.
lovely to see you back xx

Music is the new black said...

I've been having crazy skin issues as well....you think it would be clear sailing once you hit your mid 20s.

I'm quite lucky my local G.P practice has a dermatologist so I got to see him and he prescribed Retin-A to clear up hyper-pigmentation I got from a VERY nasty break out over winter.

I have been charting my progress on my blog. My forehead is similar to yours because I still breakout there for some strange reason, but my cheeks have been clearing up nicely.

VexintheCity said...

@Sher - We had a really nice time. Thank you. It's improved a LOT since that photo was taken last Sunday, but it still needs work.

Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it x

@The Dollymix Diaries - Thanks hon :-) Yeah, I think I just needed to get away from blogging for a while. Feeling better about it now x

@Kennethsoh - Yeah, I sneaked away LOL Cheers hon and yeah I may well be asking for some advice if my skin's not back on track in the next 6 weeks.

@Tamara - Thank you :-) I never thought I'd stick at the blog for one year, let alone two! Yeah, sometimes social media can get a bit much!

@Kim - I did, it was great. Thanks hon x

@Sadie - Cheers Sadie. Here's hoping I can keep the eczema under control which has appears to have come out of nowhere. Argh! x

@Liloo - You're not the only one, trust me! LOL Thank you x

@Music is the new black - Retin-A facials by SkinCeuticals were recommended to me a few weeks ago and I plan on having one done once a month and see how I respond to them. I'm gonna check youe blog out now. Thanks for sharing your experience x

City Girls Fashion Box said...

LOL you have sinned!! you must of thought i was pretty quiet on the blogging front! thats ok i forgive you ;)

I'm glad you had a good time away with hubby, although you didn't bring any sunshine back - not impressed!

holy moly at your poor skin, does it itch? :( dear lord!

and i NEVER realised that it was london/ny - blind as bat! xxxxxxxxx

Sankofa said...

So so glad to have you back Yinka. Sorry to hear about your skin and losing your blogging mojo. You have your mojo back now so let's hope your skin follows suit!

Could it be stress that's been aggravating your skin? Maybe this holiday away is just what your body needs. Also, we donn't get much sun in the UK and I think that can also affect our skin. I'm looking forward to reading about the steps you're taking to combat this.

Once again, I'm glad you're still blogging

Shortiee31 said...

Great to have you back! Glad you had a lovely holiday :) Xx

VexintheCity said...

@City Girls Fashion Box - LOL I follow so many blog and only half the posts show up on my dashboard, so I was none the wiser!

There's gonna be a two week heatwave starting Saturday ya know ;-)

No, not anymore, but it itched and stung like a bitch to start off with.

LOL Not surprised!

@Sankofa - Thank you - here's hoping! I haven't really been stressed about anything if I'm honest - life's been good!

Thanks again for the love!

@Shortiee31 - Cheers hon

SoFrolushes said...

aww sorry to hear about the allergic reaction. It kind of scares me as I am about to invest in an spf for my face by mac. I hope the specialist sorts the problem for you quick time.

I will add you to my prayers too. Hope your holiday is fab.

Mz. More said...

Hope you feel better soon. Glad you enjoyed your vacay, that beach is beautiful. Happy Bloggiversary hon!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Yay, lovers paradise :o) ...

ahh, I really do hope your skin improves well as you've recently said it's got better since the photo was taken. So it will get there with the right diagnosis and treatment =)

So glad you had a good time & happy bloggiversary and its like we're both grabbing our blogs back to how we want them xoxo


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