Eva's an Angel!

I love Eva Mendes, she's one of the few women who truly captivate me with their beauty. I think she's breathtakingly gorgeous and that a few women in the public eye could learn a thing or two about remaining classy and grounded from her.

Mendes was recently revealed as the new celebrity face of Angel by Thierry Mugler, taking over from fellow actress Naomi Watts, and looked stunning as she took to the red carpet at a fragrance launch in New York last week held to welcome her aboard.

Images courtesy of Splash News
Eva pictured with the former face of Angel, Naomi Watts.

The new Angel ads that Eva features in,

Ironically as much as I love Eva, I'm not a fan of of the original Angel fragrance, although I did like the hair mist when I tried that many moons ago.

Do you think Eva's a good choice or would you have preferred to see somebody else become the new face of Angel?

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Andree Marie said...

I think she is perfect to be the face of angel. I am even making her a hair icon for next month xx

Georgina said...

Ohh she is so beautiful - and like you said, others could learn a lot from her regarding the way she acts in public! She is one very classy lady xx

Sher said...

gotta love Eva she always look so effortlessly amazing&i think she is right person for e job!

yummy411 said...

i love her being the spokesmodel but i'm used to her with calvin klein now...


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