Kate Moss Creates Make Up Line For Rimmel

Not happy with being one of the faces of Rimmel for the past decade, supermodel Kate Moss has now designed her own range of make up for the cosmetics brand. Moss was recently papped filming the ad for the tenth anniversary celebratory collection back in her home town of Croydon, South London.

The collection comprises of six lipsticks which embody Kate's signature on the back , and eye shadows in Union Jack casing. A sequinned leopard print lipstick pouch will also feature as a free gift with purchase.

Image courtesy of Sassybella

I've noticed some media outlets are predicting a stampede reminiscent of the crowds that queued outside Topshop for her debut clothing line. Somehow I can't quite envisage the same hysteria being mirrored outside Superdrug for a £4 lipstick!!

The collection will be in stores from October.

Will you be racing to pick one of these up? Personally this news doesn't stimulate any form of excitement from me whatsoever, but then I'm not the biggest fan of Kate Moss.

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Steph xox said...

mmm i agree no stampede but i will see the colours more closely when they are in the shops...october tho lol....prob will have forgotten by the :)

Lamide (LAM-EE-DAY) said...

Nope, not really interested either lol. I've never quite understood the hype surrounding Kate Moss and when her Topshop line came out I was seriously underwhelmed. I don't purchase many Rimmel products apart from their eyebrow pencil anyway- I'm still upset that they discontinued the Stay Matte range in the darker shades because that powder seriously worked wonders for me, now I have to buy more expensive brands to get the right shade :(

City Girls Fashion Box said...

'Ohhh my names Kate Moss, i come from Croydon - get me!'

Er no love, she says its far to tough now in Croydon to go back, big wimp! xxx

Jamilla Camel said...

Interesting, but I don't wear Rimmel makeup anway....

About Makeup Savvy said...

Ahh the power of beauty blogging :) It was only this afternoon when I read on the Daily Mail site about the new range with just one image of Kate Moss and then I click on your blog and can see the actual products!

Really can't imagine queues out the door of Superdrug, like you say.

Fee x

Curves ahead makeup said...

Very nice !!!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

meh, doubt there's going to be much hype same as Steph come October I'll no doubt have forgotten

lunamac said...

Hiya, Rimmel and their 10th anniversary?? What's that all about? Well they were around in the 70s when I was a teenie bopper.
None of us would be seen dead wearing Rimmel back then and still feel the same. It was the lowest form of makeup - absolute rubbish. Thing is, nowadays a lot of the cheap brands have upped their quality.

VexintheCity said...

@Steph - I'm over it already! LOL

@Lamide - Hmm I agree. I didn't even know the Stay Matte powders came in darker colours! I thought shade 001 was always as good as it got for me!! They need to bring back he darker shades.

@City Girls Fashion Box - LOL

@Jamila Camel - Maybe Kate will change your mind!

@Makeup Savvy - I know right! Who needs print press?!! LOL

@Curves Ahead - Would you buy from it?

@LaaLaa Monroe - There'll be a LOT of hype nearer the time, trust me ..

@lunamac - Kate Moss has been the face of Rimmel for 10 yrs! I only really tend o look at the polishes and the odd l/s ..but then again I have bought e/s in the past, but overall the brand doesn't excite me.


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