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A couple of weeks ago, high st fave Boots were offering 10 advantage card points per £1 spent - not one to turn my nose up at an opportunity to increase my points balance, I treated myself to a few items. Not that I need any more nail polishes you see, but I had a look at the Sally Hensen Complete Salon Manicure polishes which have finally made their way across the pond.

I'd previously seen shades Gray by Gray (350) and Commander in Chic (370) on a couple of UK beauty blogs and didn't really want to buy the same shades, but after Googling swatches for the best part of two hours, they turned out to be the only ones which stood out!

Gray by Gray is a blue-y grey creme polish - which is a lil' darker in reality than my swatch depicts (check  out a better swatch of it over on Mizzworthy. I wore it last week and wasn't impressed over by its staying power, but then I didn't have a base coat or top coat on, so I'm willing to oversee the fact that it had chipped considerably by day three of wear. It's quite a unique shade, one which I haven't come across elsewhere so for that reason it's a good buy. However, I feel as if I've seen Commander in Chic in so many variations over the past 12 months. It's nice enough, a mid-tone taupe creme, but whatever, been there, done that. Both apply really so easily, thanks to their flat, wide brush. I think all nail polishes should have this brush by law!

I had to buy 17 Fast Finish in Knockout Red after seeing it on LionLoving Tiger. I'm not really a wearer of red nail polish, but this is lovely! A gorgeous true pillar-box, classy red. You can get away with just one coat and it applied like a dream. I can't wait to wear this properly and here's hoping it doesn't chip all over the shop less than 24 hours later!

Since 17 was on 3 for 2, I also chose 17 Last Fix polish in Sweet Kisses, a cute sugary baby pink, with the slightest hint of lilac in it. It didn't apply that well on the one fingernail I swatched it on, it took three coats to reach opacity and even then I could still spot the slightest of streaks in the finish. This one will give me headache, I can see it now. Oh and before I forget I picked up a 17 Lasting Fix lipstick called Toffee Waffles. I forgot to photograph it, and I dunno where the hell I've put it now. I want to wear it tomorrow, so here's hoping it materialises!

Finally, I bought Nubar Diamont Fast Drying High Gloss Seal & Shine Topcoat, which supposedly wees all over Seche Vite. I'm not impressed with Seche Vite, I still suffer from chips while wearing it and loathe the way it goes all gloopy in the bottle after a few months. Here's hoping Nubar Diamont comes up. It was recommended highly to me by both Helen of Just Nice Things and Luce from Get Lippie, so we'll see. It didn't cost the earth either, it was £5.60 from Feelunique (which offers free worldwide delivery).

Have you tried any of my recent buys?  What have you been buying lately (not that I need further encouragement to spend money).

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Tass said...

I really like the look of Commander Chic. Everytime I go shopping I have to really hold myself back and not go into the makeup sections. Especially to look at nail polish, why is it that no matter how many bottles you have it's never enough?! xx

Lola X said...

Love it!

Lola x

ellamarie84 said...

I love the grey by grey..that is a gorgeous color. I also love the Sweet Kisses on you, you have the most beautiful skintone..I think every color looks great on you :)

VexintheCity said...

@Tass - Story of my life! LOL

@ELLAMARIE84 - Aww thank you xx

Jess said...

Grey by grey is def next on my list of things to buy!


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