Unum Beauty Blogger Challenge ..Part Two

Since Monday I've been taking part in a challenge set by income protection provider, Unum, the UK's leading provider of income protection, to live on £95 - the payment your employer will pay each week for the first six months of sick leave, should you fall ill.

If you're gonna stay at home all day, not see your friends or indulge in any social activities, then living on £95 a week, may well be a piece of cake. Since I don't..I soon discovered that it wasn't that easy.

Before taking on this challenge, I was living life as normal, so be under no illusion that my cupboards were bare at home or I lacked basic home comforts. I was already in possession of a monthly travelcard, so what I did was automatically deduct the cost of a one week travelcard, which for my daily journey currently comes in at a cost of £32.30, leaving me £62.80 to leave AND purchase a beauty routine on, in seven days. Hmm ..

Monday: The week started off okay and I all I spent was £2.19 on a sandwich and 75p on an almond croissant. I have a bottle of Robinson's juice on my desk at work, so there was no need to buy a drink. Total spend: £2.94

Tuesday: By the time I got to work, I totally forgot I was trying to keep my outgoings down and ended up in Sainsbury's for another almond croissant. They're currently on 3 for 2, so it kinda made sense to embrace the discount this time and I bought an extra one for a colleague. I also picked up Look magazine (£1 this week) and in the evening unexpectedly ended up in Nando's. Total spend: £16.40

...and it tasted damn good too! (Nando's always does when I'm hungry. I'm well aware it's overpriced chicken n chips!)

I needed to get my fashion/sleb goss fix!

Wednesday: I bought a memory card for my new camera at a cost and it was also a colleagues last day today, so I gave a few pounds towards their leaving present and bought some goodies for their leaving "tea party" at work, Total spend: £21.97

Thursday: Couldn't be assed to cook any dinner, so went to the local chippie and indulged in chips and a battered sausage instead! I also paid for a £1.50 phone charger off Ebay which I forgot I had purchased! Total spend £3.50

Friday: Hmmm I found myself in Nando''s (again) today for a colleagues farewell lunch (Yes, the second colleague in a week, from my team leaving the company!). However, this time I made use of the fact that I had enough stamps for a free whole chicken, so shared that with a colleague and persuaded her to get us sides of chips! Due to an ongoing work discount, we get free bottomless drinks in this particular brand of Nandos, saving me a further £2.85. Get in - free lunch! Again, I also gave some money towards their leaving present. Total spend: £3.00

Saturday: I'm currently sat at home chilling, trying to get on top of my blogging, catching up on my fave reality TV shows (Basketball Wives fans - holla!) and yapping on the phone in-between. I haven't spent any money today ...although there's still time to order a late night pizza, but I'm resisting so far. Total spend: Nil

I have a day left ..and £14.99 to fund a beauty regime. Erm..that's the cost of a blush for me! Wish me luck.

**Produced for Vex in the City by Yinka to a brief agreed with Unum. Payment made by Unum restricted to ESA allowance only. All editorial overseen and controlled by Vex in the City.

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

eternalstudent said...

Hi, I get the point that £95 a week to live on is very little. But I think the point is missed regarding that this may (?) be reasonable for someone who is genuinely ill. If you are not able to go to work for six months then you must be seriously ill and therefore, unfortunately, will not have as much as a social life as you nor can they contribute to leaving presents or buying colleague lunches and other such luxuries. If medically permitted, of course they shouldn't confine themselves to sitting around at home but I think £95 for necessities and basic beauty items can be managed. Just trying to get a healthy debate going lol :)

VexintheCity said...

Good point, one that shall be touched upon in my final post. Thanks for your input x

Melly said...

Easy. I'm unemployed and I don't have that amount to spend in a week. Less than 300e for the whole month, and I support two. This will continue when I go and further educate myself for three years.

I think the key is to plan ahead, budget on food and after that, think about spending the rest.

A Lauren to Herself said...

I enjoyed this post. I can see where @eternalstudent is coming from but I reckon no one - ill or otherwise -should deny themselves little treats with the money they have. I like reading posts about budgeting so this was interesting. It just shows if we all really thought about what we were spending, we'd be a lot better off! x

Lianne said...

I have to say that a few weeks back when I was quite seriously ill (pregnant too) that the last things on my mind were eating, going out and getting my glam on so I reckon if applied realistically I would probably spend about £3 on bread, toilet paper, paracetomol and bananas then save the rest for a spa day to celebrate my return to real life ;D

Just wondering, does the £95 include likely prescription charges or is that something extra that needs to be taken into account?

SilhouetteScreams said...

Really interesting, I definitely agree with eternalstudent and I think Lianne raises a good point about prescriptions. I'd love to know how the money stretches when it comes to paying rent etc

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love these kind of posts, surprising how much money we spend on the unnecessary things isn't it? £95, especially for London prices doesn't get you too far nowadays, especially when travel is deducted. Although saying that with meal planning, becoming a hermit, buying no make up and clothes and being a social recluse... it can be achieveable ;) x

VexintheCity said...

@Lianne - If you're not working, prescriptions are free.

@silhouettescreams - Nope, doesn't include rent.


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