When Zara met Kim.

When I was invited to the Kim Kardashian perfume launch, I knew I wouldn't be able to wrangle the time off work. However, not wanting to waste the opportunity, I called on the services of fellow beauty blogger Zara, writer of Mouldyfruit, who also happens to be a die-hard Kim Kardashian fan.

So dedicated was Zara, that she stepped straight off a plane on Wednesday morning after a hedonistic stay in Miami, hotfooted it home and then dashed back across the capital, looking as fresh as a daisy, ready to catch a glimpse of the ample-bottomed reality TV star whose family have taken America by storm.

Whether you're a fan or not, you can't deny that Kim looks fab!

Kim's first public appearance in London was to promote the launch of her debut fragrance, simply called Kim Kardashian (yeah I know, not the most original name - but it's cool, just concentrate on how fab her make up always looks to distract yourself instead!). Kim's appearance at the flagship branch of Debenhams on Wednesday afternoon caused mild hysteria on the streets of London, judging by images you can view here.

Time for me to pipe down now and hand over to Zara who shares her experience of Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian ...


Hello lovelies it's Zara from Mouldyfruit and I'm taking over Vex in the City today to do a very exclusive and special guest post for my girl Yinka. A couple of weeks ago Yinka hit me up asking me if I wanted to attend a press event on her behalf and do a guest post about it. At the time I knew I'd be in Miami and would be returning on the day of the event so I was a little unsure,  but when she told me it was for Kim Kardashian's perfume press launch there was no way I could miss it! I HAD to be there!Kim Kardashian has always been such a style and beauty inspiration to me, everything about her just screams girly glamour! I was so excited to finally get to see the lady who is all over our TV screens and magazines and to smell her debut fragrance. So, there I was on Wednesday morning quite literally 'DASH-ing' (Geddit? DASH? As in her clothes store DASH? Hahaha ..anyway!) home from Miami to London and then straight back out to the Dorchester, situated on Park Lane


A champagne reception was held in the hotel, in a small, intimate room upstairs. We browsed and soon came across the fragrance and homed in to have a sniff. I have to say being a huge Kim fan, it left me feeling a little disappointed. It's not what I had expected from her. I had almost envisioned the perfume to smell of an infusion of something sweet like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb combined with something super-sexy like Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Instead to me it smelt a little bit too floral and slightly dated, I don't see this fragrance being one I would wear simply because it's just not me. The fragrance notes include Orange Blouson, Pink Jasmine, Tuberose, Musk and Sandalwood. To me it smells very similar to a discontinued Space NK fragrance, which was either 'Tuberoli' or ''Champaca' ( I can't actually remember). In my opinion there was just nothing unique about the fragrance and I felt it didn't reflect Kim K in a way I had expected it to. 



After smelling the fragrance we waited eagerly for the lady herself to grace us with her presence. She took to the stage and looked as amazingly beautiful as you'd expect her to. Totally picture perfect, her hair was amazing, make up was immaculate, nails were nicely manicured and she looked impeccable  - Not a single flaw, almost like a Barbie doll. She wore a fitted pencil skirt, a black and white striped top, synched in at the waist by a black geisha style belt and she wore Christian Loubotuin 'Daffodil's' in lime green suede. It felt a little surreal as I was literally standing in front of her but she didn't even seem like she was real, I don't know if it was because of my lack of sleep or the jetlag, but I don't know her personality didn't shine as much as I'd hoped it to. She spoke for about one minute and that was it she was then escorted away. Check out my video below.





She later came back and stayed for approximately 10-15 minutes taking photographs. It was over crowded and she just stood there striking the same pose over and over again, not saying anything. By this point I felt totally deflated - had I really rushed all the way from the airport to see this beautiful woman who I adore, just standing there barely saying a word. In all fairness I can imagine how intimidating it must be as the room was literally hounding her, but you'd expect her to be a little more accustomed to it by now. As I stepped up to take a picture with her I actually felt quite sad and so wanted to make conversation to try and catch a glimpse of that Kim we see on TV with that personality that we all love. So there I was trying to make conversation "Hi Kim it's so nice to meet you, I just flew in from Miami to be here today" ..and she pretty much ignored me and just smiled..UHMM!?! OK THEN! 

As I then walked away she gave me the generic "Nice to meet you". Yeah ...it was just great meeting you too.



Press reports later that day stated that Kim is facing accusations of cheating on her new fiance, basketball player Kris Humphries - it may explain the vacant, zombie like persona. Or maybe not.

It all felt a bit rushed and I couldn't help but leave feeling a little let down. The fragrance was nothing I had expected and that was the first disappointment and then the way Kim came across was another disappointment. I am a big Kimmy fan but maybe it's right what they say about you shouldn't meet your idols. I think she has become too much of a celebrity now and has definitely adopted that persona. I got the impression that people were too scared to get close to her when taking photos and acted hesitantly around her. At the end of the day she is just famous for being famous (well actually, we all know what catapulted her into the public eye to begin with. Ahem!) and her beauty has a huge role to play in that. I'm a little bit over it to be honest, will I continue to follow her blog for make up and style inspiration? - Probably! Will I look at her in the same way? - Probably not! 



If you want to try Kim Kardashian's perfume to see if it's for you, it's currently available at Debenhams and priced between £23-£40. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on the fragrance. Also what do you think about meeting your idols? 

Leave a comment below or tweet me @Mouldyfruit

Lots of Love


16 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Adrienne said...

I love kim k but she looks a little wooden in the photos? Zara looks far prettier x

beautylogicblog said...

Zara you look beautiful in the pic. Kim's perfume smells a lot like Michael Kors but a toned down version. I like it. Also, I'm going to let Kim slide on this one, I've met her a few times in NYC,and she was always super nice,and very personable. Maybe she was stressed hearing her fiance was a cheat.

VexintheCity said...

@Adrienne - Yeah, a little. Zara always looks gorgeous! x

@Beautylogicblog - The allegations are that SHE has been cheating on HIM! I reckon she was a lot nicer to the people she met in Debenhams earlier x

Jamilla Camel said...

Well, I think we have a New star; Zara!

Sheenie said...

The allegations are mild compared to what she is essentially famous for. I think she is surrounded by a tight PR and marketing team who have created this Kardashian brand, and I am not surprised she doesn't have a personality that shines. Kim's chosen to exploit herself in the public eye, building her wealth from endorsing and naming products on Twitter yet she can't interact with those who support her.

I enjoyed reading this post, Zara - felt like I was there with you.

Mouldy Fruit said...

@ Adrienne.. Thank you hun believe me I didn't feel it having just stepped of a plane and all! She looked amazing but just wasn't all there which was sad.

@ Milly.. Thank you again hun. She could have been having an off day just unfortunate it had to be the day I met her. Hard to be a celeb because if you're professional enough personal problems should be seperate to public appearances but we are all human and like I said in the post I will continue to adore her just won't look at her in the same way.

@ Jamilla Camel.. HAHA.. I really wouldn't go that far! ;)

@ Sheenie.. Thank you my lovellllyy.. It was quite a hard post to read being such a fan but I had to be honest and that was my honest opinion on my whole experience. I agree about what you say about the Kardashian brand and I do feel the real Kim is lost somewhere in all that marketing and publicity. Sad but I guess she's good as she's built her empire from it!

나니 said...

HER LASHES!! OMFG HER LASHES!!! *____* -dies-

Ev said...

i have to admit, i do like her style and her makeup ALWAYS DOES look amazing ... but i can't stand the sound of her valley girl voice :-/

Stephanie said...

Kim K and those EYELASHES. O_O . Frigging hell! Zara you look gorge in the photo and the resemblance between you guys is verrrrry uncanny!

It's a shame that Kim came across as wooden. Fame eh?

I had my own reservations about what her perfume might smell like but I don't wanna be rude. LOL

Jennifer said...

Wow! Great post :)

Muhsine said...

Wowza, I'm not even at all tempted to try her perfume, it seems EVERYBODY has their own scent now and I'm kind of over it, Zara looks amazing as always as does Kim, but I'm dissapointed to hear that she wasn't as nice as she could have been. Anyhoo great post!

Sarah said...

Zara you look stunning, as does Kimmy vacant K, shame she was a bit out of it, she could have just said she was having a bad day or something?

Liparazzi said...

I love her makeup, hair and her style but it's sad that she doesn't live up to what you would expect. I mean, maybe she was having a bad day...well all have them but you'd expect her to make more effort for her fans. They are the people who are buying her stuff and making her even more rich after all. Kudos to you for being honest about the encounter as some people may have skirted over that. great post you guys :) x

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Hmmm what a disappointment :(

I'd actually heard that she's very dull in person, but I didn't want to believe it because she's so bubbly on the show. And to be quite honest I'm getting a bit over her too... I used to LOVE her, but then got tired of seeing her look more and more frozen (botox?) and vacant. Oh well... Zara looks great as always though!

Saskia the Style Fairy said...

I feel sorry for Zara that Kim disappointed so much! I would be so hacked off ... KK does look so vacant that it's pretty hilarious tho. Loving her shoes though and Zara looks fab! x x

Ondo Lady said...

Hi Zara, it was lovely meeting you in the flesh at the Kim K launch and you look as fabulous as your pictures. Regarding Kim, she did look really bored, tired and at times quite frightened by the crowds but then that is what she gets paid for so she should have just sucked it up. To be honest I was not expecting much from her as she is a reality star who got famous from being in a certain video. On the show she does come across as rather reserved and certainly not as bubbly as her other sisters. I do agree with you when you say it was like she was not there - she looked incredible in fact not like a real person. I did not have my picture taken with her (no way was that happening) but I took lots of pictures of other people posing with her and she made them look terrible. You are in fact the only person who can stand next to her and look good. So props to you. I did enjoy the day and I actually really like her perfume and will be wearing it when I get though my other bottles.


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