Don't Forget Your Toothbrush! Oral-B Pro-Expert and Colgate MaxWhite ONE

The effort taken to find that perfect lipgloss or lipstick, kinda falls by the waste side if you have stained teeth combined with breath on par with a baboon's armpit. Nobody wants to get up close and personal with that, do they?

Oral B recently launched their new secret weapon in the fight against poor oral hygiene. Oral-B Pro Expert claims to address all the areas that dentists check the most: Breath, enamel, sensitivity, gum problems, tartar, plaque and cavities and it's all down to a revolutionary ingredient by the name of Stabilised Stannous Flouride which has taken 15 years to develop.

It tastes gritty at first, but that sensation melts away as you continue to brush.  It's not very minty, and actually reminds me cinnamon but I'm okay with that as it doesn't taste disgusting. I've been using it for three weeks and I'm used to the taste and sensation now. Hopefully it's doing what it claims it will!

RRP £3.99 75ml

Not wanting to be outdone, Colgate have recently launched MaxWhite ONE toothpaste, which promises to make your teeth a shade whiter in just a week. If discolouration is an issue, you may want to check this out.

How does it work? MaxWhite One contains white accelerator micro-crystals which are designed to stay intact in the toothpaste tube, but dissolve instantly as you brush your teeth. As you brush away, the formula releases whitening silica, an ingredient used by dentists, which helps to display the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Colgate suggest you use MaxWhite ONE toothpaste, with a Colgate MaxWhite ONE SonicPower toothbrush for best results. It's basically a cheaper version of an electric tooth brush with a manual head which is supposed to help remove stains. I reached for my electric toothbrush to compare the two and unsurprisingly found the latter more powerful. Peresonally, I don't think the additional purchase of the toothbrush is necessary and find it rather gimmicky.

As far as taste goes, it's super minty, leaving my mouth feeling ice-fresh after rinsing, I've only been using it for three days, but I'm not getting my hopes up, expecting to see a marked difference. Sorry, but I'm cynical about any product claiming to make a difference in just a week. I'll update this post in four days time all the same though.

Toothpaste isn't the most enthralling product to write about's toothpaste innit! However it's a necessity in order to maintain oral health, so take a closer look at these two new products next time you're stocking up if you're obsessed with your teeth.

RRP £3.99 75ml
MaxWhite SonicPower Toothbrush £6.12

*PR samples

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나니 said...

I'm SUCH a tooth-fanatic. I brush my teeth thoroughly as much as I can. I always have nightmares that my teeth crumble off, break loose and simply fall out >_<"

Parisa said...

I think Oral hygiene is incredibly important, it can literally save your life. I use the Oral B Triumph 5000 toothbrush and Beverly Hills toothpastes, and my teeth are in great condition than what they used to be. The BH range of toothpastes are the best out there in my opinion.


SoFrolushes said...

I just bought the Oral B one during my weekly shop as it was on offer for I think 2quid in asda. I didnt realise it was a fancy paste.

Imo said...

AHA breathe like a bamboons armpit!

Arielle said...

I am obsessed with oral hygiene and whitening (: Thanks for this! I might try this, I usually use Crest 3D!

michelberger said...

If you really want to show off those teeth, try Crest Whitestrips as they are really easy to use, and offer the same enamel safe gel top UK dentists use. I guess this is the reason they are the #1 whitening product in the US! The results are incredible, and i get so many compliments on how white my teeth are. Perhaps you could try them and do a piece on them as well?

A good UK based company i have found to retail them are -


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