July GlossyBox – What’s Inside

If you’re a fellow beauty blogger, then you’re probably sick of hearing about GlossyBox, if you’re not – then this post is for you.

GlossyBox launched in the UK amidst a flurry of excitement in May. Its concept is simple - pay £10 a month and you will receive five beauty product minatures (although full size products appear to be making an appearance now), packed in a beautifully presented box for you to try at home. Products may differ from box to box i.e different shades of the same product, or different products altogether.

I was sent July's box for my perusal and here's what was inside:

*Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether
*Ciate polish
*Ultrasun SPF30 (15ml)
* Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil (100ml)
* Orla Kiely EDP sample (5ml)

The Illamasqua, Ciate and Weleda products are all full size. The cost of the monthlty subscription pays for itself with just the inclusion of  the Illamasqua Powdered Metal at a RRP of £15.75 and the Weleda Body Oil which retails at £19.95 I was pleased to have received a sample of the Ultrasun SPF30 as it has rave reviews and  I was hovering over it on the QVC site a few weeks ago. I couldn't help but wish the sample size was a little bigger though.

I think it's a great idea, especially for those with minimal disposable income or who are curious about beauty, and don''t usually step out of their comfort zone when it comes too trying different brands - the element of surpise can be fun too.

However for someone like myself who has make up and skincare coming out of their ears, the chance of me receiving a product that I haven't already bought or tried is minimal. I'm also a control freak so would drive myself bonkers not knowing what I was gonig to be sent each month.

One aspect of GlossyBox which needs to be implemented straightaway is the Beauty Profile, which I hope will allower subscribers to input details such as skin type, skin tone, hair and eye colour in order to be matched to beauty and skincare products which are suitable to their personal tastes and needs.

Had I paid for my Glossy Box, I would have been somewhat disgruntled as the Illamasqua Powdered Metal shade I was sent is too light for my skintone - and I know this because I already own Erzule, which is ideal for deeper skintones.

Due to the unprecedented demand, the next available subscription date is not until September, so if you sign up now, you won't receive a box until September. Don't be surprised if you decide to wait until September to sign up and have to wait until November to receive your GlossyBox - it appears to be that popular at the moment.

You can sign up to GlossyBox here if you're based in the UK. GlossyBox is also available in France, Germany, Brazil and Korea.

Are you a GlossyBox subscriber? If not, is this a service you'd be interested in signing up for?

*PR sample

11 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

City Girls Fashion Box said...

Oh god, mines getting redelivered tomorrow, heaven knows which products i will receive combination wise.

Dont you think its a bit odd that considering yours was a PR sample they would have played it a bit safer and specially put items in your box that wouldn't be obviously too light for your skin tone?

god knows why i have a subscription, i HATE surprises!! haha even when people are receiving their boxes i get all flustered and make others tweet me their contents, what a nutter! xxxx

Kb said...

I have been mulling it over, it sounds good but they definitely need to take skin tone into account. I have no use for fake tan or dry shampoo! I would like to learn about new products suitable for my skin and hair type though.

VexintheCity said...

@City Girls Fashion Box - LOL I'm sure it'll be fine.

TBH nah, whenever I'm offered make up by PR, I specify which shades I'd like to try (if possible) because it's rare (unless we've met in person)that they realise I'm black from just reading my blog posts. Perhaps I should add a pic in the About VexintheCity tab.

LOL Chances are you'll forget that you subscribed soon and it'll be a nice surprise when it shows up in the post! xx

VexintheCity said...

@KB - I hear ya girl. Hopefully that Beauty Profile on the sight will be up and running very soon, so everybody irrespective of skin tone gets to try products which flatter them x

SoFrolushes said...

It does sound like a good idea. Though as you said if you could have a beauty profile so that good matches and stuff to take you out your comfort zone would be good.

nice idea though. mmmm

Maria Sparkle said...

I got mine today, slightly different to yours, but just as fab.... if you would like to see, please check out my post.

Maria xxx

Claire said...

I love the look of this, the previous boxes have been really good - I may have to sign myself up for this!

Computergirl said...

I've found them to be hit and miss because of similar problems. Somethings I own already, others are unsuitable. (I have pale pale pale skin and was sent DARK Xen-tan- in a tube that is not enought to to my whole body. I could probably do 1 leg and 1 arm, but I dont wish to do that.

Thanks for the post xx

Computergirl said...

Oh and I filled in their questionnaire when I registered so they have info on me. :/x

Nicole said...

We have something similar here in Canada called a Luxe Box from Loose Button. I think ours launched in March or April. You may want to check that out. I'm not sure if it's available in the UK, but I may be able to send you one if you want it for comparison purposes.

SilhouetteScreams said...

The fact that they're not yet abiding by peoples' stipulated preferences is something that puts me off trying a program like this (well the Australian version anyway). :(


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