Loving it! Miller Harris L'air de Rien EDP

I stumbled upon Miller Harris fragrances last Summer, when I spent the best part of 20 minutes sniffing each and every scent in the concession found at Champneys Day Spa in Enfield. I had my hands full, so was unable to take note of my favourite scents, promising myself I'd return to jot them down. Due to a busy schedule, I never did and glancing at the website days later did little to remind me which scents my nose had taken a liking to.

It's not often I smell a fragrance and obsess relentlessly about it until it's in my possession, but that's exactly what happened when a friend thrust a mini sample of the iconic Miller Harris scent, L'air de Rien, in my face a couple of months ago.

Created especially for Jane Birkin (she of Hermes Birkin fame), Jane wanted her scent to evoke the nostalgia of dusty libraries and old books. I'm not so sure it captures that (it certainly doesn't remind me of dusty old books or polished wooden floors), but perfumer Lyn Harris masterfully conjures a beautiful, feminine fragrance with rich notes of oak moss, neroli, amber and vanilla. Neroli amber and vanilla are some of my favourite fragrant additions - so technically this scent had my name written all over it from day one!

I think this smells amazing and has a real 'grown up sexy' musky air to it. It develops beautifully, leaving a warm sweetness behind and lasts incredibly well too. I can easily smell it on my skin last thing at night after spraying it on as early as 8:15am.

I like the bottle - it's as 'vintage' looking as I'm prepared to go with my beauty products. I'm generally not a fan of anything that looks 300 years old! The scent speaks for itself and doesn't need a bottle which overpowers it.

It's not cheap, a 50ml bottle will set you back £65 and I still winced at the price I paid, which was discounted. I'm getting my money's worth though, having worn it every day since I bought it for the past week and I thoroughly intend to enjoy every spritz!

I realise fragrance is incredibly individual and I'm rubbish at writing perfume reviews, so just go and have a sniff for yourself, if you're curious and hopefully you'll fall in love with it too. I'm sure it won't be long until the next "must have" scent grabs my attention. In fact I think I've already found it ...hello Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice, I've got my eye on you!

Where can I buy it? Miller Harris, John Lewis, Selfridges, Space NK
How much is it? Prices start from £65 from 50ml

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나니 said...

I flippin' love the packaging! *_*


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