Loving it! NUDE Replenishing Night Oil

I love facial oils, nothing beats that nourishing, silky soft feeling left behind from having a rich oil massaged into the skin. I particularly like to use an oil to complete my skincare routine, when I go all out and give myself a home facial. I've amassed a few over the past couple of years and recently purchased yet another, after it was recommended to me by Gemma, one half of London Beauty Review. This purchase has excited me so much that I felt the need to put fingers to keyboard as soon as possible!

After checking out the RRP, I couldn't justify yet another high end purchase to add to the outgoings I've already completed so far this month and turned to Ebay. I love Ebay for beauty bargains and stumbled upon a seller who was selling not one, but TWO bottles of the oil for the bargainous Buy It Now price of £10 due to the use by date looming near and it being comings from a seconds batch - the text detailing the name of the product is missing from the bottle. I scrutinised the feedback and took the plunge, figuring if I wasn't happy I could always file a claim though Paypal.

Applied at night, pure, active oils rich in Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 absorb instantly to smooth and hydrate while powerfully antioxidant raspberry, cranberry, avellana and kukui protect from the visible signs of ageing. It's such a pleasure to use. The rich golden coloured oil takes to my skin really well and leaves it feeling soft, plump and hydrated the following morning.

Given the RRP price, I was expecting something a little extra and I feel it delivers just that. All I need is a small amount (a couple of pumps will do) to cover my entire face, which I follow with upward strokes and facial massage movements to complete my home facial. I really like the packaging which looks sleek and modern with an air of mystery to it, given that you'd have no idea what was in it unless you read the label.

It feels heavenly and is devilishly indulgent. If you fancy a luxe treat for your skin, then I'd certainly recommend this based on my short experience with it so far. This will continue to be my night moisturiser of choice for a while so I can continue to reap the full benefits of it. This will no doubt feature in a future post again as my love for it intensifies and having tried it, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it at full price in the future (so long as I don't buy any other skincare that month!!)

Have you tried this? If not, see if you can get a sample from form oneof the stores it's sold in - take a little pot with you and try your luck!
Where can I buy it from? Space NK, Selfridges and John Lewis
How much is it? £44

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Great review x

Jenni said...

The packaging seems very plain! I might pick up one to try via ebay (if possible).

Great review, thanks!

Jenni x

I love all things Self Tan

Halima @ DesignerSpray said...

I bought this off eBay too, LOL. It smells gorgeous and skin does feel nourished when applied and skin looks radiant when you wake up. Wouldn't pay full price for this though! xo

VexintheCity said...

@Sadie - Ta!

@Jenni - That's what I like about it tbh. It looks sleek and modern IMO :-)

@Halima - Ebay bargain of the year! I truly love it.


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