Review: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range

It was more than two years ago, during a visit to New York, that I came across the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter, it was on offer in CVS, so I picked one up an extra tub for my mother-in-law too. I absolutely loved it but had to use it sparingly as it wasn't available here in the UK at the time.

I was frustrated that I couldn't repurchase it, but eventually got over it as I just returned to using the body moisturisers I've dutifully repurchased for years. I had no idea that the Vaseline Cocoa Butter range was now here in the UK and (I kid you not) actually squealed with joy, when I was approached, and asked if I would like to review the range. I couldn't wait to be reunited with the body butter!!!
So I've been trying the products out for the past few days, and here's what I think of them:

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion £3.26 (200ml) & Vitalising Gel Body Oil £5.10 (200ml)

Hmmm I'm not so bowled over by the body lotion, It's very light, and I find it very watery. therefore it's not moisturising enough for me. With that said, its consistency would be ideal for use in hot weather, when you don't want to slap on a heavy moisturiser and may feeling clammy and sticky. I can't see myself purchasing this, but if all you require is very light moisturiser, then this may be up your street.

 The Vitalising Gel Body Oil is very similar to Johnson's Baby Oil Gel and they share a similar consistency, although this may be just a little thinner. It's quite sticky (you don't need a lot), and is great for use on your legs if they're gonna be exposed as it'll giving them a sexy sheen (great for a night out). It's better used straight after a bath or shower when your skin's still a little damp and once it's applied, it stays on, keeping your skin moisturised all day. The Brazil nut oil in it, forms a layer over the skin helping to lock in moisture. I can see visualise this being used to recreate that 'bronzed goddess' look if you're lounging on a beach/poolside in your best bikini (although you should be using SPF instead!!). I wouldn't advise using it all over your body on a normal day to day basis, your clothes will stick to it and it'll just make you sweat!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter £5.10 (£250ml) 

I'm so pleased I was given the chance to use this again, I love it! It has the perfect texture, absorbs so easily and leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. It contains both cocoa and shea butter and is being sold in Asda on offer for three quid at the moment, so pick it up from there if you want to try it. I made sure I stocked up as I did the weekly online shop on saturday afternoon.

The foil cover which lies under the lid is unexpected and unnecessary, but you can whip that off easily and just scrape off the excess.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Stick (£2.03) and Tin (£1.93)

I haven't used Vaseline on my lips for years. I don't find it particularly moisturising, and the petroleum jelly just sits on top of them, sometimes making it difficult to apply lipsticks over the top as they slip off. I'm not the biggest fan of the Lip Therapy Tin for my lips, as they felt dry again less than an hour later but I'll use it for for other random dry areas of skin in an emergency, such as elbows or cuticles. I found the scent in this a tad synthetic which put me off further.

I tried the Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick, and it was okay. It's not as greasy as the Lip Therapy Tin and contains cocoa and shea butter plus vitamin e. The packaging is a bit blah even. Well it is cheap, so that makes sense. It doesn't excite me, but is usable but Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner still remains my favourite high street lip balm.

I really like the cocoa butter scent in the Vaseline range, particularly in the body moisturisers. I think it smells light and is quite pleasant. It's certainly not as intense as that found in Palmers Cocoa Butter. Needless to say, my favourite item from the range is the body butter - it's brilliant.

The range is available from all leading supermarkets and chemists, including Superdrug and Boots.

*PR samples

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Hair and Beautylicious said...

The oil was in Sainsburys not long ago; £2!!!! Might be worth having a nosey in there, see if it's still on offer :). My mum uses the oil religiously and swears by it.

Victoria said...

I like the look of the body butter, and like that it has the foil over to stop grubby people testing in the shop!

Shortiee31 said...

Oooh I loved the body butter when I used it back in '10! I think I might have to repurchase this :) Xx

BreezeyBee said...

i saw the the gel in superdrug and smelled it and felt extremely happy!! i was like woah i need to have this in my life, its also on sale at half price right now.

they smell so good. i swear i could live of that smell of cocoa butter and shea butter

BreezeyBee Blog

Jinz said...

I have the oil and the body lotion and love them both. The Body Butter is my favorite of the was my saviour during the winter months in london


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