What I'm reading ...Blackhair Magazine.

I picked up the latest copy of Blackhair mag this morning and was so impressed, that I had to blog about it. It's improved ten-fold since I last purchased it years ago and is now packed full of current, informative and relevant features and articles relevant to the modern day black or mixed race woman.

Whether you favour natural tresses or flowing locks, Blackhair includes ample product recs and styles to suit every budget. No stone is left unturned with its make up recommendations (and no, it doesn't focus entirely on MAC either) and helpful skincare advice relevant to the issues faced by black women is covered too. The August/September issue also pays homage to Top Model of Colour winner, Nana Afua Antwi, who graces the cover.

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The only magazines I tend to buy these days are New! (for my sleb goss fix) and Glamour, but seeing one lipstick shade (two if I'm lucky) being recommended for my skin tone each issue, isn't really cutting it - also, the "relationship advice" falls on deaf ears, so a fair few pages gets skipped altogether.

I'm considering subscribing to Blackhair as I know my Mum would appreciate it too. She was engrossed in the June/July issue (which I was quoted in - yeah, I kept that quiet ..hehe) and asked me to buy the next issue.

As a consumer, what made me smile as I flicked through it, was that on the beauty pages MAC So Precious eye shadows had been recommended in a feature. AMEN! A magazine featuring limited edition products which are actually available to purchase! I hate seeing items from cosmetic collections which are three months old (and long sold out) being recommended to readers as the 'must have' shade. Lazy journalism at its best. It's not that difficult to research release dates so that they correspond with when issues hit the shelves.

The latest Blackhair issue is out now and available at WHSmith and all good newsagents.

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SoFrolushes said...

I so agree with you. This is the 2nd month in a row I have bought the mag. I am planning to subscribe too but only so that when I am not working It will still come through my front door. Any Black hair/beauty type mag that showcases natural hair beauty is always a plus for me. They are definitely doing something good.

VexintheCity said...

@SoFrolushes - Yeah it's annoying that I can't walk into EVERY newsagent and find it on a whim, so subscribing will eradicate that problem. It's really propelled itself back into the noughties. The team deserve more recognition for their hard work.

BreezeyBee said...

ill have to have a look when im in town :)

congrats on being quoted btw, thats so totally awsome *cheer voice* :)

BreezeyBee Blog

Andree Marie said...

I like it too!Its becoming really helpful.

Sami said...

Oh no - what magazine would recommend OLD beauty products? How embarrassing! xx

VexintheCity said...

@BreezeyBee - Make sure you do. LOL Cheers luv!

@Andree Marie - Glad you're enjoying it.

@Sami - You'd be surprised - I've seen it in New! Glamour an Cosmo before.

Hair and Beautylicious said...

Following your tweet on this, I went into town, headed from WHSmiths and I found it :). I have to say I am very impressed and I definitely will be buying it again. Even my mum has pinched it off me, and is currently reading it :).


VexintheCity said...

@Hair and Beautylicious - Glad you like it - and yuor Mum too :-)

hairbysleek said...

Hi! This is Sleek Hair! What did you think of the insert magazine Spotlight?? It is produced by Sleek Hair and so would love your feedback!
We love working with Blackhair and we love your blog too!




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