The Nail Files: Mavala Aquamarine

Bored at work, I decided to paint my nails (as you do) and opted for Mavala's Aquamarine, a mint green creme, which compliments the late summery weather we finally appear to be having here in the UK.

I needed to apply three coats in order to reach opacity, which if fine (if not a little tiresome) if you have the time and patience to apply it, but when you're trying to paint your nails in a hurry before your boss walks past and catches you beautifying yourself at your desk instead of updating a spreadsheet it's a hindrance!

Drying time was average, although if you look closely, I've managed to nick a couple of nails whilst handling paperwork thinking my nails were dry, so this one definitely needs a fast-drying topcoat to seal it.

Overall, it's a cute, playful shade which is pocket friendly at a cost of £3.95

*PR sample

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Imo said...

This is such a lovely shade, it looks wicked on your skintone

VexintheCity said...

@Imo - Thanks hon x


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