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I remember 1994 well. Eva Herzigova was the cause of car crashes across the country with her Wonderbra billboard ads, Oasis and Blur were battling it out to win the crown of Britpop and Calvin Klein launched CK One. When it burst onto the scene, it was something of a phenomenon. A scent fit for man and woman? Surely not! Well it worked, and sales soared.

17 years later, and the iconic brand is still going strong and has now released separate scents for him and her. Introducing CK One Shock, the first non-shared fragrances in the CK family aptly named 'for her' and 'for him'. I previewed them at a recent fragrance press day, which showcased the upcoming Christmas gift sets we'll all no doubt be scrambling for in a few months time!

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Us ladies are treated to a sweet floral, embodied with vanilla, blackberry and passion flower. Whilst the fellas get to play with a spicy oriental with base notes of tobacco, black pepper and musk.

The female shock bottle is high gloss lacquered white with the shock logo scrawled in pink lipstick, while the male version is a black bottle with a green spray-paint logo.

I really liked the female version, I thought it smelt quite nice. I'm not so sure if I'm sold on the packaging though. It's not the usual style I go for. What do you think? There's also a body wash and lotion for women and a body wash and deodorant stick for men.

A trip down memory lane. 1994 Calvin Klein Ck One advert. The brand was also responsible for launching the international career of supermodel, Kate Moss.

How much is it? £48 for 200ml, £34 for 100ml and £23 for 50ml.
Where can I get it? It's currently available exclusively in Boots nationwide throughout August, and then goes nationwide and global in September.

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