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Kenzo Flowers was the first perfume that I bought for myself, with my own money, many moons ago. I was a big fan of the fresh floral scent and it was my go-to scent until my socks were later blown off by the arrival of Dior Addict.

Kenzo have recently launched FlowerTAG, a new fragrance inspired by Graffiti art, which is illustrated both on the unique bottle and its outer packaging.

FlowerTag is a blend of fruity blackcurrant, rhubarb and tangerine notes, which then develops into a floral burst of peony, jasmine and lily of the valley. Kenzo's signature notes of tea, vanilla and musk make up the base of the fragrance.

I favour this for daytime use as I prefer muskier scents for evening and surprisingly it's still a light fragrance, albeit very crisp, despite the blend of so many notes. It also which lasts fairly well despite being an EDT. I had to top up mid afternoon but two squirts were enough to renew the scent again. It reminds me of Kenzo Flower, as it immediately transported me back to 2001, although this definitely has more of a kick to it, so if you're looking for a distinctive floral which stands out from the crowd, then have a sniff of this next time you're at a fragrance counter.

Where can I buy it? Boots, major department stores
How much is it? £47.50 (50ml)

*PR sample

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Maggie ☮ said...

I got a sample of Kenzo perfume with my Sephora purchase and I fell in love but I never purchased it I'm not sure why.


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