By Kate - The Lipstick Collection

Cast your minds back to that Kate Moss make up collection for Rimmel I was talking about back in June ..well now it's here!

Starting with The Lipstick Collection, which features 7 new lipstick shades, containing a new formula which carries exclusive black diamond pigment complex.

Find them in Boots priced at an affordable £5.49 from 7th September, before they roll out nationwide on 28th September.

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Jamilla Camel said...

I need to check these out!

Miss Christina C ~ Blue Butterfly Glamour said...

These look lovely and for so affordable. I think I'll be checking them out asap! Thanks for the post :) x

Happy Enigma said...

I wonder if they smell as bad as the usual rimmel lippies. Not that I'd spend my money on anything this junkie promotes.

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

75 shades? Holy cow! There must be several shades in that lot which might catch my eye.

VexintheCity said...

@Jamilla - Hopefully you'll like them :-)

@Miss Christina C - No worries, lemme know if you like them.

@Happy Enigma - LOL You'll soon find out if they are!

@Plus Size Shopaholic - Good lord, no!! Sorry typo!! LOL There's SEVEN, not 75 new shades!!

Sami said...

For a minute I too thought it was75 shades... Thank God it was a typo otherwise I would have bought about 60 of them! x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I'm surprised that I actually like the look of ALL of these. Will definitely be at least swatching the red, pink and nudes!


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