New Tom Ford Beauty Collection Out Today!

After making me sit up and take notice when he launched what has become one of my fave perfumes, Black Orchid, Tom Ford is back with a bang!

Modern, sexy, glamourous and undoubtedly luxurious, Tom Ford Color Cosmetics has launched its new collection in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods today.

I'm a sucker for a glossy advertising campaigns and the latest Tom Ford images do not disappoint...

Tom Ford strikes a pose with Lara Stone in the collection promo shots  (can you believe that man is 49 years old!!)

I attended the press launch a couple of weeks ago and foolishly didn't take my camera (I don't deserve my Beauty Blogger title, I know!). I won't insult you by posting the dire photos I took on my phone, but will instead divert you to drool at images taken by Get Lippie and

Let's be clear about one thing, this range is the epitome of high end and unashamedly so, so don't say you weren't warned if you end up hitting your head as a result of fainting at the prices. I logged onto this morning aiming to treat myself to a blush, conveniently forgetting their £45 price tag ..needless to say my debit card swiftly found itself back in in my wallet!

I think I'll wait until I'm next in New York and treat myself to it (well actually, I have my eye on two shades: Savage and Flush, they're the most WOC-friendly in my opinion). I always tend to buy beauty items there that I usually wouldn't look twice at, when in London I'll save all of about 50p given the current exchange rate and convince myself that it was a worthy buy too(!)

10 eye shadow quads, 18 lipsticks (a few existing shades thrown in there, but repackaged), five blushes, two perfumes, not to mention brushes, eye pencils and much more's make up heaven.

If you can't make it to a counter today, have a look at the range on here

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Jamilla Camel said...

I just got a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow quad today from - now I'm broke!

Tali said...

Im so disappointed. I saw it in harrods.. the shadows are lovely color wise but the glitter is just too much and falls out everywhere. It spoils the quads.
The blushes lack staying power and some look a bit powdery/talc like on skin.

The only thing I liked the look of were the glosses and lip products. However a lot of them much darker than the promo images. HMPF!

VexintheCity said...

@Jamilla- Ooh which shades did you buy? Hahaha enjoy!

@Tali - Yeah, the pigment in some of the quads I swatched were a bit wishy-washy. I liked the blush shades (the two I can wear), the lippies and that brow pencil ..but I do recall Flush (the one everyone's going potty for looking a bit chalky, but I'm hoping it will shine if gently layered. Ravish swatched much better.

TheCosmeticCrave said...

Im tempted to go into selfridges and take a look at them but that could be a disaster on my bank balance!


Alina Anghel said...

I love Tom Ford`s products. Have to check them out!xx

VexintheCity said...

@TheCosmeticCrave - Good luck with that! LOL


very tempting... but indeed, pricy...


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