Philips ReAura - Bringing Salon Finesse to the Home

Philips is no stranger to introducing new beauty gadgets to the home, but they've stepped things up a notch by aiming to bring Fraxel style laser technology to the home and this, to my knowledge, is a beauty first.

The Fraxel laser is an in salon treatment which uses laser technology to resurface the skin. It's proven very effective at reducing fine lines and signs of ageing-which is great- but it it's pretty expensive. The Philips ReAura isn't exactly cheap at £799, but comparatively it's a bargain, and completely safe to use. Endorsed by leading Harley Street dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting, I predict this will create a huge buzz on the beauty gadget market. Not only does it come with a standard manual, but also a consultation (in store or online) as well as an online support system and calendar reminders.

At first glance the Philips ReAura looks like a futuristic hairdryer, butappears to glide easily over the skin without obstruction. It's encouraged that you first apply the conductive gel provided, to help it glide and then use a moisturiser (also provided) afterwards to soothe the skin. The ReAura uses a lower level laser than you get in a salon, but you make up for this by using it twice a week for 8 weeks - the encouraged time to see real results.

Speaking of results, after 12 weeks of use, the following was reported by 64 testers - 89% saw an overall improvement in their skin's appearance, 86% reported a smoother skin texture, 83% noticed a more even skin tone and 81% had reduced fine lines.

I've been given the chance to try this out and I have my hopes pinned on this refining my skin texture and improving my skin tone. Time will tell, I'm a little sceptical, but we'll see...

I found this short infommercial video on You Tube which explains it all far better than me!

The Phillips ReAura will be available from Space NK this month.

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malinky said...

Hey Yinka! Great blog LOVE LOOOOVE the name! Was just wondering, how did you get on with the Reaura in the end?? Would love to hear an update! Lou x


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