Review: Sleek Remy Couture Yaki Weave

When I was approached to review Remy Couture Yaki Weave, the new range of 100% Premium Virgin Remy hair from Sleek, I was reluctant. My one and only experience of a weave almost a decade ago, was far from positive and I've been wary ever since. Despite seeing weaves adorned by hundreds of women over the years, personally it's not one of my favoured style options.ose.

Not wanting the review opportunity to go to waste, I called on the services of Niomie, a keen weave-wearer who was only to happy to fill my shoes and put these tresses through their paces.

Take it away girl ...

"I hate being restricted and always try to change my hair style on a regular basis. I wear my natural hair in an asymmetric short style and I prefer to keep it short as it's so much easier to maintain. 

I opt for weaves purely for the versatility that they offer. I've worn weaves for the past seven years experimenting with different lengths and styles, i.e. bobs, mid-length and curly. As well as applications, i.e bonding and sewing. I have used both synthetic and human hair covering a variety or brands and price ranges.

I've been wearing Sleek's Remy Couture for just over 2 weeks and I'm extremely pleased with the quality, texture and general manageability of the hair.

First impressions were one of pleasant surprise, for the hair arrived boxed and wrapped in tissue paper - certainly more luxurious than many of the current best selling varieties that are found in afro hair stores.

The Remy Couture hair has maintained its impressive finish, which is incredibly silky to the touch. It isn't limp or flat as I have experienced with many other brands. I've opted for in the past.

I've had it sewn in for three weeks now and I've only experienced minor shedding. I haven't experienced any problems with straightening the hair at all. When using other brands, I've discovered that the more oily the hair is, the less it responds to heat, but I managed to straighten the hair for two with weeks before needing to wash it.

As a regular gym-goer its very easy for my weave to become quite dry, lacking in body and shine due to excessive moisture and sweat, which ultimately causes me to spend more time on maintaining its appearance. I haven't had that issue with this hair at all. I washed the hair using Motions conditioning shampoo and a separate conditioner. 

After washing, the hair dried easily with a blowdryer and once straightened maintained a good texture. There was no excessive shedding during the wash. Once oil was applied it a slight 'shiny' but 'non-greasy' look the hair shaft emerged.

For normal day wear, I wear it down as shown in the photos. At night I wrap with a silk scarf and straighten any kinks out in the mornings.

I would definitely recommend the RemiCouture range. It can be used easily on both Afro and European hair and there's a definite quality which apparent upon application. I'll continue to wear it for a number of weeks.

Remy Couture Yaki Weave isn't cheap, but I think it's worth the price:

From £70 for 12-13”
From £75 for 14-15”
From £85 for 16-17”
From £95 for 18-19”

For more info, including stockists visit: The range can also be ordered online at Pak Cosmetics.

Thanks Niomie!

*PR samples

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

sarahlou said...

you should show your pretty face more often hun! =)

VexintheCity said...

@Sarahlou - Did you read the post?That's not me, this is a guest post! LOL

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Great guest review! My Mum has a few Sleek hairpieces, but I don't think she's ordered extensions off them yet.

♥akisa♥ said...

it looks fabulous!


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