Thinking Outside the Box - What's Inside the September GlossyBox

Having already reviewed the July GlossyBox, it made no sense for me to review yet another  one, so I called on the services of my work colleague, Sophie - who isn't a beauty blogger, or had even heard of GlossyBox before I thrust a package in her face last week!

Here's what she has to say about the latest gift box from them:

My usual beauty product selection process involves standing in a local retailer watching a game of ping pong between two of your ‘mid-range’ brands. So the idea that I could receive a box sourced and lovingly packed by someone who knows their chypres from their Chanel was instantly attractive.

What immediately impressed me (apart from the complimentary, branded Oyster card holder) was the range of products inside. This seems to be a hallmark of what GlossyBox is trying to do and so it should be; the idea wouldn’t work if the box didn’t offer an overview of what’s out there.

This month's GlossyBox contained the following:

HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette
L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil (125 ml)
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (10ml)
Plum by Mary Greenwell (5ml)
StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate (30ml)

My hands down winner was the L’Oréal Professionel Mythic Oil. Completely swayed by the salon-only aspect and the supernatural title, I was not disappointed by this full-size product. It kept my long and tangle-prone mop feeling shiny for days, and for use on all hair types, damp or dry, you can’t beat it on versatility.

The Mary Greenwell Plum perfume sample was teasingly small, but I understand that they’re not going to whack a big old 100ml eau de parfum in there, especially with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Ralph Fiennes singing its praises. The packaging, even of a small perfume sample, proved care and attention to detail.

The HD Brows palette was a shame as it was the ‘Vamp’ collection for darker hair and skin tones; although I suppose I could have gone from near invisible to dark brown in the interest of science. The company seems to be leading some sort of eye hair revolution, again with celebrities on board, which is another plus point for the box in terms of exclusivity. Here I would echo other users calling for GlossyBox to implement some sort of subscriber profiling. However, I could probably raise a dark-haired friend to gift it onto for a bit of brow envy.
I wasn’t as sold on the Nuxe oil and the StriVectin cream, but they seem designed to reward long-term use. Nuxe gets glowing reviews from its die-hard fans, and I can’t deny it smelled nice and was absorbed quickly for an oil. I didn’t notice any immediate effects from the StriVectin, a kind (suck-up) friend cited the lack of wrinkles to begin with, and their website suggests an eight week schedule of use. The last thing I followed for eight weeks was probably a Grange Hill storyline so I’ll have to keep you posted on that one.

Overall, the GlossyBox gets a tick from me, rewarding you with value products for the relatively low price. A bit of investigation reveals that even the smaller samples are a steal, and sometimes you wouldn’t want a full-size product if you didn’t know that you were going to like it. Four out of the five products also came with a discount code or offer, which is definitely a draw and incentive to buy both the products and a subscription. I also applaud the GlossyDots loyalty points system as a way to reward and retain subscribers; good things come in free packages.

Receiving a shiny box full of pretty things is something most of us could get on board with, especially if like me you often don’t know where to start in this game of product ping pong.

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6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

City Girls Fashion Box said...

Your lucky! i got lumped with two sachets of hair shampoo, a mini tester of cleanser, the perfume sample , nuxe and a brow palette, i got robbed!

Although i shouldn't complain because the brow box is perfect for me, but where as i got sachets of things other people got full sized items...hmmmm.... xxxx

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

Is this the same company that put a bottle of Batiste and a teabag into their last offering?

It's good to see that there are companies out there who embrace social media properly and listen to what those who have bought the products actually think.

The HD brow palette looks really interesting but I don't really have a need for it and I am yet to read a blog post which states what it does that is different from the £3.50 brow box that ELF sell so if you want an idea for a post, there's one for you ;)

I smelt that plum perfume the other day and it's really not my cup of tea at all, all I got was a strong smell of plum at the end..

Elle said...

You got the good glossy box, i would be happy with every product in that. Some of the others don't look anywhere near as good! x

VexintheCity said...

@City Girls Fashion Box - That's rubbish. The HD Brow palette was too dark for Sophie, so she gave it to me - result!

@Rhamnousia - I dunno..didn't see that box.

The HD palette IS pricey, but that's the beauty of a service like this, you can end up with a product worth more than what you paid in to start off with.

@Elle - Really?? Well Sophie did, not me! I think they should ensure that the quality of the boxes are the same across the board - that's a must!

Imo said...

Ive used the strivectin eye cream, its very good

Sandra said...

I love the concept of these boxes, I wish we had them in my country!


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