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Hahaha see what I did with my post title there? I couldn't resist, sorry!

MAC was the first cosmetic brand to get me excited about make up. I struggled to find make up on the high street which complimented my skin tone, when I began to experiment with it, in my late teens. In my early twenties I found myself in a position where MAC was affordable and easily attainable. It also happened to be the brand, which all the celebrities I ogled at, wore or were reported to wear in the magazines that I used to buy, maknig the brand even more attractive.

I remember my first visit to a MAC counter as if it were yesterday. I'd paid for a makeover at the counter in Selfridges in May 2001 (£20, I think) and came home with purchases which would ignite the beginning of a lengthy obsession - MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby, MAC Lip Pencil in Chestnut, MAC Blush in Taffy (anyone remember that?) and a foundation, which has long since been discontinued.

Until yesterday, I personally haven't bought anything from MAC in well over a year. I own a considerable amount of products from the permanent line but the last LE collection I'd fawned over was Colour Craft. I was already reaching breaking point in regards to how much I owned and the controversy surrounding the Rodarte collection last summer, helped my decision at the time, to distance myself from the brnad.

Since last summer, my interest in MAC has waned and I've gone from being a walking encylcopedia able to reel off every MAC product under the sun, to having no idea which limited edition collection was coming, or what shades had been discontinued.

A frustrating incident involving a broken Oystercard, led me to pop into the Covent Garden branch yesterday evening, en route to an appointment. I was instantly drawn to the stand showcasing the latest limited edition collection and found myself looking at the Posh Paradise display.

The Posh Paradise collection sees the return of mattene lipsticks, which deliver a semi-matte, creamy finish - 10 shades in all (limited edition):

Naked Bliss - Neutral light pink
Rare Exotic -  Bright mid-tone blue pink
Legendary - Mid-tone brick red
Unknown Pleasures - Deep red blue
Seeds of Desire - Deep brown plum
Eden Rouge - Bright blue-red
Delectable - Orange-beige
Potent Fig - Deep blue grape
Deliciously Foribbden - Mid-tone berry
Fresh Amour - Light lavender

Nail Polishes (limited edition):

Immortal Gold -  Pale gold (Frost)
Rain of Flowers -  Blackened violet with violet pearlized pigments (Frost) (Repromote)

...and finally eight Paint Pots (limited edition):

Treasure Hunt -  Light pearled yellow (Frost)
Half-Wild -  Mid-tone purple (Frost)
Hyperviolet - Deep violet (Frost)
Nubile -  Light peachy nude (Frost)
Idyllic -  Mid-tone copper bronze (Frost)
Genuine Treasure -  Reflects antique gold (Frost)
Pure Creation -  Mid-tone frosty blue (Frost)
Imaginary -  Blackened navy (Frost)

I picked up one of the lipsticks, Legendary, and was very restrained as each one  I managed to swatch, I loved. I'm scared of red lipstick, I see it on others and admire their 'bravery' for rocking it so confidently. I love the way Kelly Rowland, amongst others wears red lippie with ease - and I'm jealous! Legendary may well be 'my red' - it's a warm brick tone and less harsh on my skintone than say, MAC Ruby Roo - which I own, but never wear beyond the front door for fear of looking like a clown!

I want a couple of the paint pots and need to swatch the rest of the lipsticks so have planned to return later in the week.


I also had a very quick, partial look (all of 2 mins) at the Styledriven collection too.

There's so much to play with in Styledriven and best of all is that it's all permanent, so no need to break your neck rushing to a store or counter for fear of it selling out!

Pro Longwear Lipcremes (permanent)

Soft Sell - Light yellow-pink (Cream)
Dress It Up - Light blue-pink (Cream)
So Very Good - Mid-tone plum with pearl (Frost)
Till Tomorrow - Mid-tone dirty mauve (Cream)
To the Future! - Dirty neutral pink with pearl (Frost)
Good to Go - Loudmouth orange (Cream)
Positively Dashing - Mid-tone berry blue-red (Cream)
Extended Play - Dirty red, yellow undertone (Cream)
Prolong Clean - Red with blue undertone and pearl (Cream)
Endless Drama - Deep berry blue-red (Frost)
Soulfully Rich - Deep dirty purple with red pearl (Frost)

Pro Longwear Lipglass (permanent)

Ready or Not! Neutral light coral with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Driven by Love - Red-blue with slight pearlized pigments
Dark as Night - Deep mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Lasting Achievement - Mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Infinitely Likeable- Light pink (Cream)
Patience, Please - Light pink-blue (Cream)
Whoops! - Bright coral (Cream)
Full Speed Ahead - Bright pink-magenta (Cream)
Show Me! - Mid-tone neutral plum (Cream)

Pro Longwear Lip Pencils (permanent)

Nice ‘n’ Spicy - Pink cinnamon stick
Bittersweet - Intense brown
Absolutely It - Soft burgundy
Morning Coffee - Mid-tone rose
What a Blast! - Bright orange
Etcetera - Creamy beige
Kiss Me Quick - Yellow red
Staunchly Stylish - Pinky beige
More to Love - Intense bluish pink
In Anticipation - Soft yellow pink

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow (permanent)

Pink Frontier - Soft golden pink (Frost)

Sunny Outlook - Bright golden yellow (Satin)
Sweet Satisfaction - Soft neutral beige (Frost)
One to Watch - Light warm brown (Satin)
Lie Low Dark - Frosted golden brown (Frost)
Plush - Vivid purple (Satin)
Thru the Night - Deep navy (Frost)
Fresh Flare - Bright kelly green (Frost)
Hot Paprika - Mid-tone burnt red (Frost)
Tease with Ease - Bright fuchsia (Frost)
Make Your Mark - Dark chocolate (Satin)
Keep Your Cool - Dark grey brown (Satin)
Legendary Black - Warm almost black (Satin)
Weathered - Dirty blue grey (Frost)
Styledriven - Pale white blue (Frost)

I bought two of the lippies, So Very Good and Made To Last - great every day colours, which'll add a bit of oomph to neutral eyes and toned down cheeks.

I'll have a look at the rest, but doubt I'll get any of the shadows as I have enough eye shadow as it is. I may get a couple of pencils though. I definety want a couple of paint pots from Style Driven though.

It was fun browsing in MAC last night and I felt the old excitement I used to get when a new collection came out. I think my extended break from the brand, has done me the world of good as I was basically all MAC'ed out and found going to stores a chore as it was all so samey. It's good to have gotten my groove back!

Have you ever gone off a brand, only to be lured back to it some time later? Also, have you bought anything from these collections? If so, what should I check out?

All prodcust can be currently found on counter and online.

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Tali said...

I like the look of those lippies a little too much. For some reason the violet ones always catch my eye even though i know id look a right tit if i had violet lips!x

Jamilla Camel said...

I love those Mattenes! I finally broke down and got two Fluidlines this week, in Avenue and Dark Diversion.

Domzy said...

'Legendary' looks amazing. I've been wanting to try out a "mattene" lipstick and it'll be interesting to see if it's less drying than Ruby Woo.

Lions and Tigers and Make-up said...

I am dying for the "naked bliss" lipstick!

kirstyb said...

lovin all the colours - want want want xxxxx

나니 said...

Dewd, I'm diggin' the darker fall colors from the line : D that dark-ass green is GORGEOUS

Wande's World - A beauty and lifestyle blog for women of colour said...

The lipsticks you got look gorgeous, but I wanna see them on you, perhaps a FOTD??

Jacquelyn said...

Amazing swatches! You should check out the paint pots from Posh Paradise! They are so amazing!


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