Hangin' Tough - NKOTBSB

In the late 80s, for me,  it was all about my Commodore 64, Knightrider and New Kids On The Block. I saw a tweet (I'm on Twitter as @VexintheCity) on Wednesday night, mentioning the 80s/90s heartthrobs would be bringing their joint tour with the Backstreet Street boys to Europe. I saw the ad in The Metro on the way to work yesterday morning and tickets were purchased within the hour!

I've been singing NKOTB tunes for almost two days straight and I'm showing no signs of shutting up yet. I'm really looking forward to this. My friend is threatening to disown me if I rock up in a NKOTB t-shirt - she knows damn well that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I used to love Jordan! Oh yes I did! I remember doing 'The Right Stuff' dance moves in the playground at primary school, bumbag around my waist, complete with my black suede Kickers. Oh the memories!

The Backstreet Boys are the only recent boy band that I don't mind and have a bit of personality, and who doesn't know a Backtreet Boys tune (No? You haven't lived!) so I intend on having an uncensored, pop-tastic night girly night out, worlds away from the usual beat-sexy, stream of hip hop which fills my ears on a regular basis.

For those of you old enough to remember (and appreciate) NKOTB in all their youthful glory, this is for you:

Step By Step...My fave NKOTB track!

Oh and I can't wait to get down to this baby:

Can you tell I'm excited? It's gonna be such a fun night. Anyone else going?

For ticket and venue info, click here

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Georgia: On My Mind said...

Step by step....ooooh baby!
Jealous you got tickets xx

Rhonda said...

I saw them in Cleveland, OH back in June and they were all amazing! It felt like no time had passed at all. I am a die hard Backstreet Boys fan, But have also loved NKOTB since I was a kid. Rock your 80's wear and have a blast!!

CherrySue said...

Oh Lawdy Gals, I was a Block Head for years!

Gots to get tickets :D

beautygeeek, Lola said...

awe love it! i was convinced i was going to marry Jordan. have an amazing time x

Claire The Beauty Scoop said...

Totally jealous that you have tickets, bloody loved NKOTB 'back in the day' :-) xx

IamNads said...

I'm a hardcore fan! Saw NKOTB twice as a kid, again when they came to London in 2009 and then saw the NKOTBSB tour (twice!) in New Jersey twice earlier this year and YES I will be seeing them again in April too. I obviously need help, but I don't care... I rock my NKOTBSB t-shirt with pride. Love 'em!


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