Need These In My Life! Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Its not often that nail polishes get me really excited, but Models Own new collection of unique "oil slick" colours made me sit up and take notice the second  I laid eyes on them, a couple of weeks ago.

The BEETLEJUICE collection consists of five multi-tonal shades. Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade for a wicked high shine finish.

I'll never be a fan of  insects, but nevertheess it was interesting to discover that these polishes are inspired by non other than the wings of a beetle.  I guess we have them to  thank for the polishes impressive shimmering duo chrome finish.

If you're already giddy at the sight at the images above, then brace yourself for how they look in reality. Take a look at these exclusive swatches over on BritishBeautyBlogger.

They'll be launching in November on  and will be priced £5 each.


6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Jude said...

I don't normally go wild over nail polishes but I will be first in the queue to get these, they are fabulous! Jude xx @jadlgw

Milly said...

These looks wicked, duo chrome loveliness! will definitely try a few of these out xx

Jen S. said...

Those colors are really cool!!!


Emma London said...

These look amazing! Thanks for bringing them to my attention! xx

FatGirl89 said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Those look absolutely amazing. I think the middle 3 are the prettiest, just because they're so multi-coloured! I think they're such versatile colours too. Also, with them being slightly shimmery, they will stay on for a lot longer. I'm very excited, thank you or I would have never noticed them!!
Fat Girl

Aysh said...

Sooooo excited for these!! Can't wait!

Love Aysh xoxo


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