Nicki Minaj for OPI

OPI seem to be getting into the swing of their celebrity collaborations. In the past we've seen them work with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Serena Williams, as well as the Kardashians and now they've called upon the services of the biggest hip pop (yeah, that was a deliberate typo) act on the planet right now, to front their latest celebrity collection - Nicki Minaj.

Nicki's love for bright colours is well documented, in fact I don't recall ever seeing her in a muted outfit! The six-piece nail polish collection, which is set to hit beauty counters early 2012, is made up of shades inspired by songs from Minaj's debut album, including 'Metal 4 Life,' 'Fly,' 'Save Me,' 'Did It On Em,' 'Super Bass Shatter,' (a new shatter/crackle shade) and of course 'Pink Friday.'

On a side note, I'm sure dozens of you have seen the video of that annoying lil' brat in the making cute kid on You Tube, rapping and singing along to Super Bass - she met her 'idol' on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. It says a lot when a five year old can sing a damn sight better than most of this year's UK X-Factor contestants!

So anyway back to the polishes. Will you releasing your inner Barbie, with any of these shades? I can't believe that there isn't a killer fuschia pink in this collection - OPI have missed a trick there! I quite like the look of Fly and Did It On Em though - can't wait to see swatches of those.

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lalalucy1000 said...

Oooh those colours look so pretty!!! Love Nicki Minaj x x

Carly said...

Gosh she is annoying, how she pushed her little sister out the way.

I love the colours of the polishes though x

VexintheCity said...

@lalalucy1000 - Do you reckon you'll buy any?

@Carly - LOL I know! It's her cousin btw.

Folly B said...

are her parents crying?!
Lol @ all your 'typos'

I actually really like 'Fly' and 'Did it on em'

Sarah said...

Ugh that clip, she is five so I will be nice but damn what a brat! Any why are her parents letting her listen to Nicki Minaj? Let's hope she isn't bopping along to Roman's Revenge at show and tell ;P

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I didn't know they'd done something with the Kardashians!

I agree with you on the hot pink thing, I think they could have gone a bit further out there with the shades they chose.

VexintheCity said...

@Folly B - YES! I needed 5 mins to fully comprehend why I was watching grown adults bawling over their child meeting a random hip hop star!

@Sarah - Tell me about it! She'll be a nightmare by the time she's 13, mark my words! Pahaha! she'll be spitting Wu Tang lyrics next week!

@Rhamnousia - Yeah, Nicole by OPI did a collection with them. Yeah, the shades are nothing really exciting are they?

Empress said...

I'm surprised theres no hot pink either!?!? And omg those girls...ADORABLE!


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

I want them all!! only cuz im a Barbie! thanks for the heads up

pollyyyb123 said...

ohh i was expecting more! like bright bold colours. i dont really like glitters/and ones with loads of different colours in one!

and that little girl in the video is my college teachers niece haha

Sami said...

I have to admit I'm a BIG fan of Nicki Minaj so this excites me a lot!! Pink Friday looks good but I have a feeling the swatch will be disappointing

PennyLaneLover said...

The first three colours are gorgeous!! Think I will definitely be purchasing these :)

nikkistyle said...

I'm exciting for this! Go Nicki!

xoxo :)

Jenn A. said...

Fly and Super Bass look like very promising colours to me!


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