Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Enamel - Have You Tried These Yet?

I spied these at a Christmas press event a few months ago and at the time thought they looked promising.  Has anyone seen them on display, in the flesh yet?

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamels have a built in top coat which claims to deliver a salon-smooth finish that sets in 60 seconds. I've liked all the Revlon polishes I've bought so far and my fave shade is still Tropical Temptation so I'm keen to check these out.

I've spotted them on the Boots website here, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed that there appears to be are only eight shades available to buy. I'm off to New York again shortly, so I'm gonna sit tight and have a look at them out there and hopefully see the range in all its 32 shade glory!

Price: £6.49 each

Are you a fan of Revlon polishes?

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Get Gawjus! said...

I am not really a fan of their polishes but I can defo see myself picking up a few from the pic :)


A Lauren to Herself said...

oooh those look stunning! I'm not a huge nail polish wearer but they look gorgeous.

By the way, only just noticed you've spruced up your blog banner - looks great. xx

VexintheCity said...

@Lauren - Thanks luv!

나니 said...

Revlon isn't available here and the reviews are so damn mixed.. >_>" I can't decide whether to just give it a try or to not bother..

VexintheCity said...

@LILI - Buy some off Ebay to give it a whirl ;-)


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