Sleek Brow kit Vs HD Brow Palette

Well groomed eyebrows can transform a face. They are the frame of our eyes, and consequently, they have the power to change our entire look.

My preferred method of eyebrow grooming is threading, it's quick, cheap (if you go to the right place) and gives my brows a defined, yet natural looking finish. Occasionally, I'll opt to get my eyebrows tinted too, but when I don't, I reach for my MAC eyebrow pencil in Stud to fill them in - when I can be be bothered.

Sleek have reecently released a Brow Kit to help tame those unruly brows. Available in two shades, Light and Dark, Dark is better suited to us dark haired girls and is pictured below.

To accompany the brow treatment HD Brows ( review here) also have a brow palette which they recommend you use, to help keep brows tamed and groomed.

Both sets are presented in sturdy plastic packaging. Sleek in matte black and HD Brows in a glossy black finish.

The Sleek Brow Kit comes with a pigmented wax, smooth in texture to fill in the brows, a dense setting powder to keep the wax from slipping off, two precise brushes,  mini slanted tweezer plus an in-built mirror all for £7.99.

It bears more than a passing resemblance to Benefits Brow Zings which retails for £22.50 - see for yourself here.

The HD Brow Palette is available in three shades and its RRP is £19.99

• Vamp (pictured): For dark hair…comes with a nude, a carbon shadow, and two dark brown tone powders. Used as an eye shadow palette, this will create a dramatic smoky look

• Bombshell: For blondes…comes with a nude, a carbon shadow, and two blonde tone powders. When used as an eye shadow palette, this will create a cool natural daytime look and a soft evening look.

• Foxy: For brunettes…comes with a nude, a carbon shadow, and two medium brown tone powders. Use this as an eye shadow palette to create a warm natural daytime look or a smouldering night time look. 

I like that the HD Brows Palette doubles up as eye shadow - the matte shades all carry great pigment and aren't patchy in application at all. However, instead of the beige shade, I'd have preferred a wax in its place instead.

For this reason, the Sleek palette has the edge over the HD brows in terms of both cost and versatility as you don't really need four colours for your brows, do you?

Sleek Brow Kits will be available online and in selected Superdrug branches on Wed 26 September

HD Brow Palettes are available to buy online, here.

*PR Samples - The HD Brow Kit came in the September GlossyBox, which was provided via PR. It didn't suit my guest reviewer, so she gave it to me.

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shalini Dhillon said...

I am looking forward to Sleek Brow Kit as they have really impressed me with their other makeup products !! Nice review

Beautyshades said...

I'm going to get one of the sleek ones. Been looking for a cheap nice brow kit for ages.

Domzy said...

I really can't wait to try the Sleek brow kit. Have you tried it on your brows yet?

B said...

OMG, I need this. It may even be worth paying shipping. I am loving Sleek!

SoFrolushes said...

As I have the ELF eyebrow Kit in dark I doubt I will buy this. I have tweezers and many brushes already. I also have a Ruby and Miller brow kit (courtesy of the clearance sale - random purchase).

The Sleek set looks good though and your are right it looks just like the Benefit one.

LeonieB said...

That is exactly what i've been looking for,so great reveiw thank-you.
I've just started a beauty blog,but I'm an olde ladye and am not very good at it...any kind advice?


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