TFB by Tulisa. The Female Boss? Hmm Not Quite.

I love X-Factor, definitely not for the 'talent', but for the hilarious banter which appears on my Twitter timeline, without fail every Saturday and Sunday evening. When Tulisa was announced as the replacement for that annoying twat Cheryl Cole, like many I was curious to see how she'd fare in comparison. Surprisingly, she hasn't been too bad (okay, she annoyed me on Saturday night) and I much prefer her to 'the toilet attendant beater' any day.

Currently enjoying the sweet smell of success, Tulisa has wasted no time making sure she rakes up the pennies in case her X-Factor career is cut short. TFB (The Female Boss) by Tulisa, is the singer's first perfume and is released on Thursday.

Tulisa and her fellow X-Factor judges. I'm so #teamkelly

I'm really not one for celebrity perfumes, I tend to find them pretty tacky and their bottles and overall packaging are never half as decorative as scents from well known perfume houses. Unfortunately, TBF doesn't prove me wrong here. I don't like the packaging at all. Sexy and feminine it's mots definitely not. In fact it reminds me of a cheap club night flyer! By the way that dress she's wearing on the box, was on the ASOS site a couple of months ago!

Tulisa says:

"I wanted a fragrance that I could relate to. Something powerful without losing its girlieness. I wanted to be able to wear it day and night. This fragrance will really give the girls the confidence to show those boys who is boss!"


I'm well aware that I don't fit the demographic for N-Dubz's fanbase. In fact I'll take a wild guess and confidently state that if you're over the age of 15 then you may not appreciate Duppy Dappy and Fraggle Fazer grimacing back at you, doing their best 'I'm a gangsta - big pimpin'!' impressions on the gawdy looking box.

TFB (don't get me started on the name) has top notes of rose and jasmine and is supported by a heavier base of sandalwoood, amber and moss as well as vanilla and musks. I generally like (really like actually) vanilla, musks and amber notes in my preferred scents, but my nose took offence to the smell which filled the air, when I spritzed it. It smelt cheap and quite artificial. I wasn't keen at all.

After 10 minutes, the perfume had developed into a heavier, muskier smell, which reminded me of something I'd smelt before. It played on my mind for the best part of 40 minutes as I racked my brains trying to pair it up with a familiar scent from my past.

Finally, it came to me! It now smelt just like Gucci Rush - a scent I don't actually like, but which was a firm favourite of an old uni housemate of mine. It smells just like it - but only once it has settled on the skin some minutes later. So basically if you're a fan of Gucci Rush and don't mind hiding the bottle out of public view, then  you may like this.

Not a fan of the bottle, which I think is unimaginative and looks cheap.

Gucci Rush - which I personally think TFB smells pretty similar to.

I can't help but think that this fragrance launch would have been yet another opportunity for Tulisa to promote another side of her personality, other than the streetwise, mouthy chick from Camden, which she appears to fall back on and generally enjoy hyping up. It would have been nice to see her launch a feminine looking fragrance with accompanying campaign - as it goes, I'm still trying to work out why her bandmates are on HER perfume box.

If  you want to have a smell for yourself and see if you can spot the Gucci Rush similarities, then you can kill two birds with one stone and meet 'The Female Boss' in action, as Tulisa will be making a public appearance tomorrow at The Perfume Store, 89 Oxford Street, London at 3pm to promote her new fragrance.

I won't be there.

How much is it? £19.50 (100ml EDP)
Where can I buy it from? The Perfume Shop

*PR sample

24 beauty lovers have sumthin to say: said...

I love Tulisa, she's from the same area as me so that's why I'm watching the X Factor despite it being boring this year. But, I can't help but think that this perfume is a joke. The packaging alone looks mad tacky with the graffiti font and Fazer and Dappy's photo alongside hers. I just don't understand!

Henessy said...

Oh dear! Why are Dappy & Faxer on the box? LOL I wont be trying this fragrance. It looks like a bottle of Alize or some cheap alcho pop

Tali said...

I think shes lovely but this bottle and box just scream TACKY!!! Rush I like but it doesnt work on me maybe this will.. I just cant handle buying a celeb perfume again!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Thanks God SOMEBODY says it like it is about Cheryl Cole - I can't stand that woman! I much prefer Tulisa, but thought she was attempting to up her image lately...The bottle reminds me of those drinks you used to be able to buy for 25p from the local newsagent...probably not what they were aiming for.

Grace said...

Tulisa has grwon on me, I really like her now, but that frangrance looks dissopointing, such tacky pachaging is a turn off :( x

City Girls Fashion Box said...

this makes me CRINGE SO BADLY.i don't even know where to start Yinka meh!! xxxx

AspirationsOfGlam said...

Argh what a shame! If I had an opportunity to make my own perfume I think it wouldn't look as tacky as that. Really like Tulisa but I imagine she's probably just oked this to he PR!


Victoria said...

Another celebrity jumps on the perfume bandwagon. Oh dear! said...

I have nothing against tulisa but that looks bloody dreadful! That without a doubt is the chaviest, tackiest, poorest excuse for a celeb fragrance i have ever seen. That sounds so mean but im in shock LOL x

The Nerd... said...

That is the WORST bottle i've ever seen in life. It looks like something that would have been created by the losing team on the Apprentice. Eurgh!

I always imagined that her perfume would smell of Sam's chicken. *shrugs*

Go her though!

Alisha said...

I LOVE Gucci - Rush. I worked on a Fragrance counter for 2 years and never have I ever seen something so TACKY!!

Girl could've done loads better!! People judge fragrances on smell AND the packaging..
I wont be buying it! x x

Imo said...

This post cracked me up. Your distaste for cheryl and tulisa really came through!

P.S your colleagues are hilarious

Powdered Almond said...

Tulisa's bottle looks like a glo-stick shaped like a baseball bat. But the Gucci one looks like Lego. Take your pick. The box is hilarious however and well worth checking out. Oh Dappy. Are those really your abs? Love it. Just love it.

Lynda Daboh said...

I actually thought this was a joke. The packaging looks like those perfumes sold by those dodgy geezers on Oxford Street next to the food poisoning hot dog sellers.....I'm just trying to imagine my reaction if someone were to give this to me as a gift.

Domzy said...

Erm isn't the female version of a boss just a boss? Anybody who would give me this would only be showing me how much they hated me. Wearing a perfume by Tuloser? Leave it out!

SparklesandLipgloss said...

Oh dear oh dear...that has got to be the worst packaging and bottle I've ever seen! As the others have said, it's so tacky! I don't mind her on the X Factor but I am Team Kelly too :) Tulisa really annoyed me on Saturday. Also, finally, someone who also doesn't like Cheryl Cole, she's so overrated. xx

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Amen to your Cheryl Cole analysis.

Perfume name is just stupid. Box is tacky. Bottle is tacky. Nothing more to add, really. You said it all.

Product Pixie said...

Just read this for about the fourth time and each time it gets better.

Ironically, it almost makes me want to go and buy the perfume but only so I can write my own review in response to this.

Love x

Lianne said...

Thats hilarious. It's so nice to hear a lucid response regarding this young woman and her 'brand'. Team Kelly here too.

Beauty and the blog said...

£19.50 !!!! after seeing the bottle I was getting ready to see £4.99 in Savers..... I could say so much lol, but I just haven't the time. Great post yet again chic and lmao @ Fraggle (strike through) Fazer

Kate said...

Chavtastic. Not even Poundland would be able to shift that stank by the look of things.

Sheenie said...

It DOES look like something you'd find in Poundland or the 99p Store. Just you wait, it'll be on their shelves in a few weeks! If I were Tulisa, I'd be cringing at plastering my name and picture on this prime example of embarrassment.

Janice aka Miss Mad News said...

I just don't understand... Why put Fazer and Dappy on the box. HAHAHAHA. so tacky.

Crystal Celebrity said...

Ohhh deaaaarrr! I can't help but make a comment as I got so much jokes reading this post! Oh no you said "Duppy" lol (covers face).
Well I can honestly say I wish the best to ALL females who try to do something entrepreneurial and pull it off and raise their bar as an inspiration to other females - so I commend Tulisa for that - but in terms of design and innovation their is nothing new here and I agree that it looks like a bottle of Alize.... so her design team could work a little harder.
Good post though you crack me up!


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