Eau de Snooki?! Kill Me Now...

I love Jersey Shore. The antics of Seaside Heights famous five have provided me with much entertainment since the series began. However, the news that Nicole aka Snooki has launched a perfume made me physically recoil in horror.

You can only  imagine what the top notes of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi smell of ... spunk and vodka, laced with vomit and fake tan!

On a side note, as cheap as this girl portrays herself to be, she's not that stupid. The fifth (and rumoured to be last) season of Jersey Shore airs in January, so Snooki and Co's time to make as much money as possible whilst they're still in the public eye is limited - although she's got that spin-off show with Jenny planned afterwards.

It really says something when I don't even want to know what this smells like - according to Snooki, the perfume is a heavy blend of kiwi and sugar notes, and is "bubbly, flirty and sweet" to match her personality. Hmmm.

The bottle, her outfit ...OMG..I just can't!!

Pictures really do speak a thousand words. I have nothing more to say. Actually no, I do. One more thing, don't be surprised if Pauly D, Vinnie and Mike bring out with a male fragrance called 'DTF'!!

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

나니 said...

HAHAHA omg. I wonder what a gutter slut perfume smells like ; D Nah, I kid. I don't know if she lives in the gutter... but still, omg. XD this is just too funny.

Wande's World - A beauty and lifestyle blog for women of colour said...

haha omg Yinka you kill me I swear "Vodka laced with vomit"

Evon said...

Omg thats terrible I would be afraid to catch something from touching a bottle of her fragrance. I hate that show, it makes me feel stupid!

Portraitofadreamer.com said...

I really don't understand the scurry of all the ugly smelling & looking perfumes by celebs atm! What is the world coming to?

On a more positive note.. her shoes are amazing!! :p

Sd said...

Lmao! Snooks wanna cash in too!


Ivory † said...

I can't believe she made one, I honestly hate celeb perfumes...But can't believe she wrote a book also!


shellowooo said...

This post made me laugh aloud literally! So funny and the outfit is garish- can't wait to get a whiff of it haha


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