Love Christmas...Love Chanel

So if you've been a long time reader of Vex in the City, you'd be forgiven for thinking I have an issue with Chanel. I don't, I just think their faux tattoos and cotton wool were friggin' ridiculous, that's all. As it happens I'm a huge fan of their Inimitable mascara, and without hesitation, would swim through sewage for a black Classic Double Flap 2.55 bag!

I also love their Chanel No.5 ad whch stars Nicole Kidman.  I'm waiting impatiently for it to reappear on our TV screens now that perfume ads are more frequent in the run up to Christmas. I can't stress enough just how much I love this ad. No matter what I'm doing, I grind to a halt when that familiar piano tinkle comes on the television.

The ad first hit TV screens back in  2004 and is named "No. 5 The Film". It was directed by "Moulin Rouge" director Baz Luhrmann, and has had me hooked ever since!

Running through Times Square in a ball gown's NY - anything can happen!

Nicole Kidman is just perfect in this ad ..utter perfection! The music, the city (New York!), the romance - it's just too much for me!! *claps furiously and fans self*

Without fail at 1:24, I break out in goosebumps and my hairs stand on end as I get completely carried away. I'm just in complete and utter love with ad and can't wait for it to come back on our TV screens again !!!!!!! For me, this is on par with the Coca Cola 'Holidays are Coming' ads. This ad is serious!

My laptop wallpaper!

Immerse yourself in the magic and watch it below:

"Her Kiss, Her Smile, Her Perfume" - remember those words! *swoon*

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Ivory † said...

I remember seeing this ad way back <3 It's so magical.

City Girls Fashion Box said...

Swooning right with you... Oooo! Xxx

PennyLaneLover said...

Love this advert too! She looks so amazing <3

A Lauren to Herself said...

I'll have to look out for this one, don't think I've seen it x

KennethSoh said...

Love Chanel ads, they're like mini movies aren't they? This one I adore as I have worked with both Baz & Nicole but slightly ruined by that Jade Goody (RIP) spoof. Lol. Thanks Yinks for sharing this! x

Sami said...

Beautiful ad... and SO much better than the Keira Knightley ones... She gives me goosebumps, but not in a good way...

Georgia: On My Mind said...

would swim through sewage for a black Classic Double Flap 2.55 bag!

hahaha, you have such a way with words. 100% agree though!


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