MAC Viva Glam + a Couple of Must-Have Buys

I'm sure many of you have already seen the new imagery for the 2012 M.A.C Viva Glam campaign. M.A.C Taking over from Lady Gaga are hip-pop flava of the moment, Nicki Minaj and 90s Latin crooner Ricky Martin.

The new lipsticks, which will be called VivaGlam Nicki and VivaGlam Ricky, will come in two shades of pink.

100% of the sale price will be donated to help fight HIV/AIDS and according to the cosmetics company, the fund has already raised $224 million since it launched in 1994 - impressive!

What do you think? I like it!

I've been so busy lately and I'm currently in New York at the moment with my gorgeous husband, which is why blogging has fallen to the waste side for the timebeing.  I'm stuck at home today as I'm not feeling too great (much to the disdain of Mouldyfruit who's also in NY at the moment, but hey - when you're ill, you're ill!), so thought I'd take this time to do an update.

I treated myself to a 100ml bottle of Estee Lauder's Sensuous Nude at Duty Free after spending the best part of 20 mins sniffing every scent which has caught my attention over the past few months. I had a sniff of Prada Candy - hmmm it's sweet, kinda reminded me of toffee apples, but I didn't love it enough to buy it there and then. I was given a teeny sample bottle of Sensuous Nude which I used up within two weeks and it never failed to get compliments when I wore it, so it kinda made sense to buy it. I love it so much. I've already had to write it down for a New York cab driver who asked what I was wearing the second I climbed in!

Whilst chillin' in Soho a couple of days ago, Zara reminded me of a product I've been meaning to pick up from M.A.C for months - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Sun Power. Perfect for tanned and darker skin tones, this golden orange matte powder is ideal for adding a sun-kissed glow to the skin or for a natural contour. Don't be scared by how intense it looks in the pan - you can easily control the depth by using a tapered brush such as the MAC 138 which is my brush of choice. It won't lift up too much product from the pan, causing you to apply in a blotchy mess.

Check it out on the M.A.C site here

I was very restrained and that was all I picked up in M.A.C, I didn't even so much as swatch anything else. It was a straight "in and out" job. I haven't gone crazy in Sephora either, in fact I've struggled to actually get into 'shopping mode' on the occasions I've been in there and have only bought a few things. With that said, I have my eye on a couple of eye shadows from NARS and yet more Murad skincare, which I've been using for months now and credit for getting rid of the unsightly bumps my skin was sporting. My skin's much smoother and I can go back to concentrating on the issues I have with pigmentation and spot scarring.

Murad is pricey, but money well spent in my opinion! I can't wait to have another Murad facial when I get back to London - as I can't find a salon anywhere in NYC which does them for as good a price as I've found back home!

I have to say, the only thing I've missed about London since being here is the X-Factor banter on Twitter! I hear Craig left, I didn't see that coming.

Gonna hit up CVS and Walgreens tomorrow so I'll be checking out the latest drugstore faves (I'm in America, so saying 'drugstore' is actually acceptable now). I hear the Revlon Lip Butters have been quite popular. I hope you guys are all well :-)

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Jacquelyn said...

Glad that your having fun in New York! I'm excited about the two Viva Glam lipsticks! Most likely I'll get the Viva Glam Nicki.

Tass said...

I secretly still love my school girl crush Ricky Martin & I'm looking forward to seeing what the lippy is like.

Enjoy the rest of your stay in NY with your hubby! :) xx

SparklesandLipgloss said...

I'm looking forwards to seeing what the new Viva Glam lippies are going to be like when they are released. Hope you are feeling better soon Yinka! Enjoy the rest of your time in NY with the hubby :) Take care xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

I can't wait to see the new Viva Glam lipsticks, I'm hoping Nicki's one will be similar to Pink Friday (and therefore actually available to most people :P)

Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Sher said...

Hope u feel better soon,enjoy ur time in New York with ur dear hubby
Can't wait for Viva Glam Nicki defo want it!

Btw can u please tel me what u use
For scarring&hyperpigmentation? Need2treat one side of my face. Thanx

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Love the imagery and interested to see more of the actual lippy. Ricky Martin seems a random choice but I suppose I can see the link.

So jealous you're in NY!

City Girls Fashion Box said...

Urgh first I'm horrified that Tass ^^ has a crush on Ricky Martin!! but glad your having a great time, i'm sure the shopping mode will hot you eventually!xxx

Samantha Malkin said...

Love the MAC advertising campaign!! It can't get much more bling than that. Viva Glam Nicki looks like a couple of the other MAC Shades.

Have fun in NYC



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