All Eyez On Me!

For those whom the title of this blog post strikes a chord with, sorry to dissapoint you, but this isn't a Tupac revival session!

I haven't worn glasses since about the age of six, where merciless teasing at school resulted in me abandoning the glasses which had been placed on my short-sighted face.

Well I finally got my act together (better late than never), stopped putting it off,  had an eye test and am now the new owner of these lovely Bvlgari frames, which I've had for a few weeks now.

I bought them from which is home to hundreds of designer frames at competitive prices. Ordering my glasses online saved me over over £200 as the price (£141.50) I paid included my prescription, anti glare and anti scratch coatings. Delivery was free too.

Vision Express fug you!
The ordering process was simple, I entered my prescription online and then scanned a copy of it over to them, so they could check I'd entered my details correctly. Delivery took approx 10 days and I was kept updated via email at each stage i.e when my frames had been selected, when my lenses were being inserted and finally when they had been dispatched. I thought it'd take a while to get used to them, but it only took a few days. My Mum keeps trying them on and as they really suit her, she now wants the same pair *eye roll*

I ordered these D&G sunnies last night in their sunglasses sale for £39 down from £177.

I just need to transport myself somewhere sunny in order to wear them now!

Get £10 off your order by using discount code FACE10 - the sale was supposed to end at midnight but it's still up!

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

Loving e glasses on u,they suit u well&im loving ur hair too x

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

They really suit you :) x

Yinka said...

@Sharon - Thank you!

@Sadie - Cheers hon.

Lakish Campbell said...

Ooh, I love those frames Yinka! I was just shopping for some new frames myself yesterday. I am torn between Oscar de la Renta and Dior lol.

Beauty Scribbler said...

They look really good on you!!

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Damn, those glasses look so good on you! did you try them on in real life somewhere first before ordering? Cos they're just so perfect!

I unfortunately look like Ugly Betty in all glasses. It's the small poky face+fringe+long black hair+goofy teeth. I dread the (inevitable) day I'll need them! x

Yinka said...

@Lakisha - Thank you! LOL Good luck choosing.

@Beauty Scribbler - Cheers lovely x

@The Postcolonial Rabbit - Thanks! Yeah - in Vision Express, almost every day for about 3 wks!! LOL

Nah, you just need to spend an age finding the right pair!!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Glasses suit you. I really like them on you :)

I had the same issue when I wore glasses when younger for reading etc I was teased beyond belief. Never wore them at school again.

Now I've been wearing my glasses since about 18 years old. Better to be safe than sorry.


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