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Despite being back from New York for three weeks now, I've been so busy that I've barely had time to catch a breath, let along play with my recent purchases A fun-filled day with Helen of  Beauty Scribbler, resulted in a few more buys - some essential, some not so much. I've decided to split my buys into separate posts, it's just easier than way.

I recently (well back in September) decided ditch my braids and go fully natural. It's been a rollercoaster of a ride so far, both amusing yet frustrating at times that I appear to struggle with managing the very hair I was born with, on almost a daily basis. I bought some new hair products in the hope they'll make my natural hair journey a little easier.

1. Eco Styling Gel - An apparent staple which will aid me when I do twist outs, so I thought I'd try it and see how I get along with it. This can be found in most afro hair shops here in the UK.

2. Ojon Intensive Hydrating 2-minute Hair Mask  - I featured it here and loved the results, so was thrilled to see whilst browsing that Ojon is considerably cheaper stateside. Buying another tub of this, was top of my list!

3. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie - another product used to aid the art of twisting. The trouble I've been having when mixing up natural shea butter concoctions is that they've failed to 'hold' my twists or retain any definition, thus resulting in my hair looking like a frizzy mess by the time I've stepped off the tube en route to work!! This had had good reviews, so I'm hoping this cream works when I eventually get round to trying it out - I bought two tubs of it!

4. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk - Another product (a lotion this time) which can be used for wet or dry twist outs. You can buy Shea Moisture products on Gidore.

5. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist - My hair needs moisture and plenty of it, so I bought this in the hope of combating any dryness. I think it's alright. I dunno ..ask me again after a few more trials.

6. Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in-Conditioner- I recently reviewed the Curl Defining Cream   for Black Hair Magazine and loved the immediate difference it made to my curls adding more definition, so on that basis I thought I'd try the leave-in conditioner to how I got along with that. I used it after washing my hair on Christmas Day and it was okay. My hair smells lovely and is really bouncy and fluffy at the moment as I've just had it out in a 'fro ever since. Jane Carter products can also be found on Gidore in the UK

I'm off work at the moment and taking time to finally view the dozens of  videos I've saved on You Tube over the past few months, filmed by natural hair vloggers and I've been experiencing some serious hair envy! I can't wait to see how much I can grow my hair throughout 2012.

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

These products sound amaze,will check them out. Natural afro hair can be a pain sometimes. 2weeks I couldn't comb mine lol I'm using some organics products and jojoba oil at the moment. They are making improvement so far.

Can't wait to see ur hair update soon x

Girlie Blogger said...

Nice products. Shea butter is the best.

Andree Marie said...

Products look great. really agree with the natural hair journey, so much easier to give advice about than do it x

Imo said...

Aloe vera is also good for defining curls. I love shea butter for general moisturiser too

SoFrolushes said...

please share hair pics. so want some shea moisture products. if only british curlies could become a uk supplier, if only

NickyJules said...

Have you tried using the denman brush ,its a great detangler when your hair is wet and has conditioner. Its also great for styling.


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