Guest Review: Sassoon Ceramic Straighteners

I haven't used a pair of hair straighteners for over two years and since going natural, I have no need for the heated appliances at all, . So when I was asked to review an affordable pair of hair straighteners, I enlisted the help of my work colleague Becky, to put them to the test - and here are her thoughts.

High School was not a good time for me hair wise; sleek and straight was all the rage and my hair definitely was not that (the decision to get a fringe didn’t help either, but that’s a whole other story). I don’t mean to say I have crazy curls ala Brian May, my hair is classic wavy – not straight and not curly – with a penchant for creating major kinks whilst I sleep.  To add to this minefield, my hair is also pretty thick, so when hair strengtheners became readily available to the masses I was probably one of the first of my friends to get a pair.  

I couldn’t wait to transform myself into a poker-straight-haired lady. I imagined it would be like the makeover scene from ‘She’s All That’! Unfortunately this was not the case, my hair looked straighter but I never achieved that glossy Pantene advert look I was chasing.  Neither, may I add, did I manage to get Freddy Prince Junior round my house to lovingly watch me walk downstairs looking like a babe.

That makeover in teen flick 'She's All That'.

When I was at university my friend introduced me to GHD’s and they have been with me ever since, they heat up quickly and make my hair the straightest I will ever achieve at home, with my feeble coiffure skills. So when Yinka asked me to try out the Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Straighteners, they had a challenge on their hands. 

It seems that this product’s USP is the value. I found some on Amazon for as little as £9.99 and I have to say when they arrived judging by the packaging I would never have guessed they are so cheap.  They heat up to 180 degrees, have a swivel cord and boast 25mm thick ceramic coated plates which, fingers crossed, give me my smooth, professional finish. 

Out of the packaging they are pretty light and flimsy but they look fine to me, they are black, plastic and look like most straighteners I’ve used/borrowed.before. Straight away I noticed they have a nice ergonomic design, I wacked them on but found that there was no indication to show when they have reached their maximum heat. I found this slightly disheartening as I like my straighteners hot, hot, hot, so was sat around for a while just to make sure they were!  I think you can tell when you use them they are of the budget variety due to little things like the quality of the switch but this is all by-the-by, because as they say the proof is in the pudding, so here are the results:

I have to say I was pretty impressed; my hair was in a state of disrepair when I tested these and I think they did a pretty damn good job.  They didn't snag and as promised made my hair smooth and straight!  As they are narrow plates I can imagine they would be good for styling your hair, as we know my hair skills are not up to that level of technique, but if you can curl with straighteners then these could be good.  They are also ideal to take with you on holiday, as they are so light. 

I may be more impressed by them as I am aware of the price, if they were £100 I may not be singing their praises as highly.  But I would say that these are great value for money, if you have less temperamental hair than mine they should work a charm.  I am not swapping my GHD’s just yet (probably because they did cost me £100) but I would recommend these to my sister and other lucky people blessed with more cooperative hair than my own.  

How much are they? £12.97
Where can I find them? Dixons

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* Huge thanks to Peter Rees for his fab photos! Go Petey ;-)

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

beautybee said...

What a great post - I can't believe these are only £9.99! x

Never Too Broke For Beauty said...

I had a pair of hair straighteners for years and they only cost me £15. I only got rid of them when my boyfriend bought me some GHD's for my birthday. I like my GHD's but I don't believe that expense always equals a good product.


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