You Tube Wonder: Amazing Face

We all have those days when we want to stick a paper bag over our heads, when we're convinced our skin looks ghastly. My skin is far from perfect but my whining was soon put into perspective when I watched 19 year old, Cassandra Bankson speak openly about her acne and share her daily make up routine.

I came across this video when I was away (yeah, I'm back now) and it really left a lasting impression on me. I really admire her for being so brave and sharing her the extremity of her skin condition to the masses (we all know how unforgiving and brutal You Tube audiences can be) and love how she's expertly guises her blemishes, boosting her self confidence in the process.

Those of you who suffer from severe acne or skin problems in general may find solace in the useful advice and product recommendations she shares on her many videos.

Cassandra's You Tube channel is DiamondsAndHeels14

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Carissa said...

Bless her, she is very brave doing that, I know I couldn't! She does an amazing job with her make-up, thank you for sharing.

SoFrolushes said...

her application is amazing. When I first saw this I was like wow. Very brave of her and just goes to show that makeup is not all about vanity and can really serve a useful purpose.

Ane said...

Oh I've seen this video, I was amazed as her makeup didn't look cakey at all. I've gone through her vids and her acne had pretty much disappeared now so I'm glad for her x

Sharon said...

She really is brave,thanks for sharing xx

Henessy said...

Wow!!I did not expect to see that her acne was like that considering how flawless her foundation is. She is very brave for doing a video like this and I love how her make up doesn't look cakey at all.

Computergirl said...

Thanks so much for sharing this xx

Beauty Scribbler said...

Woah that was amazing. Makes me feel bad about complaining about one or two occasional spots!

musicndaydreams said...

So much respect for her! She's beautiful & SO brave!!

Thanks for posting this, a real inspiration :)


LaaLaa Monroe said...

She was absolutely brave to do this cos we know how the internet trolls can be especially on YouTube and I too was put into perspective regarding my odd break outs because mine have never been as severe.

What makes her even more beautiful is the fact she was brave to do that and inspiring to others who do suffer as bad as she does to help them too cover up while receiving treatment.


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