Nailgirls Polishes 50% Off - Hurry!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Islington based brand, Nailgirls are in the middle of a four day sale which sees ALL their polishes being sold at half price for £5 each.

New to Nailgirls? Check out this post I wrote up, when I visited their salon back in April 2010.

There are two days left to shop the sale, so click here and enter voucher code 50%sale at checkout - postage is just £2 for orders under £30 and free for orders over £50. 

Introducing Colourcopia - the OPI Superstore

Friday, November 25, 2011

Next time you're at Westfield shopping centre in White City, check out out Colourcopia boutique - the only place in the UK to stock the full range of over 240 OPI nail polishes and treatments and also Nicole by OPI shades, which include the new Kardashian colours which are on sale now - and can be seen swatched here.

Colourcopia has been opened by Lena White and Lisa Barnett, the UK distributors of OPI and will no doubt be a popular addition to the West London shopping mecca.

I'll be honest, a colour will have to knock my socks off before I hand off £10.50 for it. I just can't pay UK prices for OPI knowing they're sold for less than half price across the pond.

Still, it's nice to know such a wide range is now available to see in living colour, which will help with future purchases!

Sophia Grace and Rosie Taking Over the Planet!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talk about overkill. I can't be the only person sick of seeing these kids everywhere, thanks to that rendition of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. I still pray the blonde one manages to get a word in over Sophia some day. We live in hope...

Here they are at the American Music Awards (AMAs) which took place on Sunday evening, interviewing stars such as Mary J. Blige and Katy Perry as they arrive on the red carpet.

Gotta admit, I laughed when Sophia innocently asked if Lil' Jon was Lil' Wayne's brother though!

Sephora Buys + Some Good News

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

I'm just chillin' out before heading over to the in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner. It feels like Christmas Day out here - I stuck my head out of the window and couldn't hear a thing - unheard of for Harlem let me tell ya!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been quite restrained with my spending whilst in the The Big Apple, and was surprisingly quite underwhelmed when I popped into Sephora. It gets to a point when the sight of make up can positively turn you OFF!

Here's what I bought a few days ago:

Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation
I was browsing for what felt like forever, when I came across this. I've never paid attention to Sephora Collection foundations in the past, but it looked appealing and for $22 (£14), didn't break the bank. I've worn it for the past two days and really like it. It gives full coverage and isn't as thick in consistency as Revlon's Colorstay which comes in user-friendly pump bottle and lasts well without fading. I like this a lot and will buy a back up bottle before I leave.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain
Another Sephora own brand product which has impressed me a lot. This lip stain is incredible! Typically, I'm not really a fan of matte lips as I find the texture quite drying and I was sceptical that this would be any different, but seeing how well it lasted on Zara during a day and drunken night of non stop drinking had me sold and I bought one the next day! I bought it in 02 Classic Beige, which is described as a matte pinkish deep beige. It goes on wet and quickly dries to a matte finish. Super pigmented, this does.not.budge. Only $12 too!

Jack Black Balm Squad Lip Quad
I spotted a review of this lip balm on Krissy's blog, Addicted to All Things Pretty (I adore this blog - FOLLOW!), and immediately added it to my 'must try' list and sought out more info on the Sephora site. They currently have a LE quad set available which saves a few dollars on the cost of four individually, so it made sense to buy this set as opposed to just one. I smelt and swatched (on my hand, NOT my lips!) in-store and they all smelt amazing so into my basket they went. I'll definitely be breaking these open before I come home.

OPI for Sephora - Domestic Goddess and 
You know how much I love OPI for Sephora Only Gold For Me top coat, so when I spotted the copper/bronze version, named Traffic Stopper Copper, It was a no-brainer. Domestic Goddess is an opaque purple grape creme, which I've had in my online Sephora basket for months so I bought that too. There are a couple more shades I want (NOT Metro Chic - I think it's so overrated, sorry!), and I'll pick those up next time.

Dual Pencil Sharpener
A boring, yet essential buy. I've misplaced the one I bought a couple of years ago (I suspect my Mum has it) but this is the best one I've used so I chucked another in my basket.

On a side note, I'm sick to death of the non-stop TV commercials adverts for Black Friday. The sales are big business here, but my goodness ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I didn't realise they were so bad as last year I was too busy sorting out last minute wedding details, so didn't have time to take it all in. The Target adverts have been the only ones to raise a smile from me - too funny cos you just know there are some people out there counting down and acting a fool like this woman! LOL

In other news, I got a lovely email a couple of days ago, informing me that Vex in the City has been included in Channel 4's list of Best Make-Up Blogs. How cool is that? I'm really pleased, not to mention proud of having my blogging efforts recognised by a media giant such as Channel 4. It makes the past 2.5 years of blogging totally worth it!

Check out who else made their list here. I'm in great company!

New From ELF!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ELF have been working hard behind the scenes to bring us a huge range of brand new pocket-friendly products in time for the festive season.

They include the following:

Mascara Primer
Make Up Lock & Seal
Beauty Book - Smoky Eyes
Cream Eyeshadow
Lengthening & Defining Mascara
Pigment Eyeshadow
Personal Blend Foundation

I've left this stash with a friend who's been busy testing and reviewing these products  for the past couple of weeks.

To check these and the other new products from ELF out, click here.
Review and swatches coming shortly!

MAC Viva Glam + a Couple of Must-Have Buys

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm sure many of you have already seen the new imagery for the 2012 M.A.C Viva Glam campaign. M.A.C Taking over from Lady Gaga are hip-pop flava of the moment, Nicki Minaj and 90s Latin crooner Ricky Martin.

The new lipsticks, which will be called VivaGlam Nicki and VivaGlam Ricky, will come in two shades of pink.

100% of the sale price will be donated to help fight HIV/AIDS and according to the cosmetics company, the fund has already raised $224 million since it launched in 1994 - impressive!

What do you think? I like it!

I've been so busy lately and I'm currently in New York at the moment with my gorgeous husband, which is why blogging has fallen to the waste side for the timebeing.  I'm stuck at home today as I'm not feeling too great (much to the disdain of Mouldyfruit who's also in NY at the moment, but hey - when you're ill, you're ill!), so thought I'd take this time to do an update.

I treated myself to a 100ml bottle of Estee Lauder's Sensuous Nude at Duty Free after spending the best part of 20 mins sniffing every scent which has caught my attention over the past few months. I had a sniff of Prada Candy - hmmm it's sweet, kinda reminded me of toffee apples, but I didn't love it enough to buy it there and then. I was given a teeny sample bottle of Sensuous Nude which I used up within two weeks and it never failed to get compliments when I wore it, so it kinda made sense to buy it. I love it so much. I've already had to write it down for a New York cab driver who asked what I was wearing the second I climbed in!

Whilst chillin' in Soho a couple of days ago, Zara reminded me of a product I've been meaning to pick up from M.A.C for months - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Sun Power. Perfect for tanned and darker skin tones, this golden orange matte powder is ideal for adding a sun-kissed glow to the skin or for a natural contour. Don't be scared by how intense it looks in the pan - you can easily control the depth by using a tapered brush such as the MAC 138 which is my brush of choice. It won't lift up too much product from the pan, causing you to apply in a blotchy mess.

Check it out on the M.A.C site here

I was very restrained and that was all I picked up in M.A.C, I didn't even so much as swatch anything else. It was a straight "in and out" job. I haven't gone crazy in Sephora either, in fact I've struggled to actually get into 'shopping mode' on the occasions I've been in there and have only bought a few things. With that said, I have my eye on a couple of eye shadows from NARS and yet more Murad skincare, which I've been using for months now and credit for getting rid of the unsightly bumps my skin was sporting. My skin's much smoother and I can go back to concentrating on the issues I have with pigmentation and spot scarring.

Murad is pricey, but money well spent in my opinion! I can't wait to have another Murad facial when I get back to London - as I can't find a salon anywhere in NYC which does them for as good a price as I've found back home!

I have to say, the only thing I've missed about London since being here is the X-Factor banter on Twitter! I hear Craig left, I didn't see that coming.

Gonna hit up CVS and Walgreens tomorrow so I'll be checking out the latest drugstore faves (I'm in America, so saying 'drugstore' is actually acceptable now). I hear the Revlon Lip Butters have been quite popular. I hope you guys are all well :-)

The Holidays Are Coming.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Christmas lights are up, shops have their festive window displays up and if you needed further confirmation that Christmas is just around the corner, a well known soft drink brand will be unveiling their annual Christmas ad this evening during the X-Factor ad break tonight....

Summer Lovin' with Stila - LE Beach Palettes

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I never paid much attention to Stila before it's re-launch. I bought a couple of lipglazes a few years ago, adore their bronzer in shade no 3 (which has been dicontinued) but that was a far as I delved. Since the re-launch, having had the opportunity to try a few products, I've started to sit up and take notice.

These arrived unexpectedly for me to review, on Saturday afternoon (yeah, my postman appears to choose his own shift hours!) and injected some much needed sunshine into what had been a grey, bleak day so far.

The limited edition Beach Palettes by Stila, each adorn the iconic signature Stila girls and include a mirror, four eye shadoes and two blushes.

They also come with an easy to follow, step by step how-to guide on the inside sleeve. Great to pop into your handbag, for a weekend away or tobne given as gifts. These multi functionlal palettes are pretty handy.


Lovely eye shadow shades, but the blushes are a no-no for deep skin tones as they look ashy on . The eye shadow quarter reminds me of the MAC Spiced Chocolate quad, which I've swatched here.

These e/s are so pigmented, they'll be great for an intense smoky purple eye.  Again I'm not feeling the cheek colours which consist of a vibrant pink, and a bronzing powder which were not the most flattering against my skin tone.


I really like this palette, it vaguely reminds me of the Estee Lauder Sun Goddess Sea & Sand palette, I used to own, which can be pictured here because of its colour scheme. All the eye colours and the blush and bronzer (although I'd just use both as blushes) are flattering and really warm up my skintone as can be seen in the swatches below.

Like what you see? Well best of all, they only cost a tenner each! Yep, £10.00.

Available to buy from,,,,, and

Okay this is a no brainer, but with Christnmas coming up, hello stocking fillers! 

 *SATC Carrie voice* "Stila palettes for EVERYONE!"

*PR samples

Love Christmas...Love Chanel

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So if you've been a long time reader of Vex in the City, you'd be forgiven for thinking I have an issue with Chanel. I don't, I just think their faux tattoos and cotton wool were friggin' ridiculous, that's all. As it happens I'm a huge fan of their Inimitable mascara, and without hesitation, would swim through sewage for a black Classic Double Flap 2.55 bag!

I also love their Chanel No.5 ad whch stars Nicole Kidman.  I'm waiting impatiently for it to reappear on our TV screens now that perfume ads are more frequent in the run up to Christmas. I can't stress enough just how much I love this ad. No matter what I'm doing, I grind to a halt when that familiar piano tinkle comes on the television.

The ad first hit TV screens back in  2004 and is named "No. 5 The Film". It was directed by "Moulin Rouge" director Baz Luhrmann, and has had me hooked ever since!

Running through Times Square in a ball gown's NY - anything can happen!

Nicole Kidman is just perfect in this ad ..utter perfection! The music, the city (New York!), the romance - it's just too much for me!! *claps furiously and fans self*

Without fail at 1:24, I break out in goosebumps and my hairs stand on end as I get completely carried away. I'm just in complete and utter love with ad and can't wait for it to come back on our TV screens again !!!!!!! For me, this is on par with the Coca Cola 'Holidays are Coming' ads. This ad is serious!

My laptop wallpaper!

Immerse yourself in the magic and watch it below:

"Her Kiss, Her Smile, Her Perfume" - remember those words! *swoon*

Buy It: Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Don't you just hate when a favourite perfume is coming to end and you can't spritz the last of it, out of its bottle? This is what happened a few months ago, to my beloved Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb. I purchased the Travalo around three months ago, when Feelunique (I think) were selling them for around a fiver on special offer, however me being me, I only got round to using it for the first time about three weeks ago!

Travalo is a purse-sized travel perfume atomizer bottle with a nifty valve that allows refills in seconds. It's very simple to use, as my photos illustrate and is a must have for every handbag. In the past, I've lugged full size perfume bottles around with me, which has been impractical, not to mention awkward.

All you have to do is to remove the spray top from your perfume bottle and insert the pump stick of the perfume bottle into the bottom of the Travalo container, then press down repeatedly until the Travalo container is filled, it’s really that simple.

 It even has a 'window' show you can gauge how much perfume is left. It's super light, durable and will fit into the tiniest of clutches.


I showed this to a work colleague (Hi Claire!) and she went and ordered FIVE - not all for herself, but as stocking fillers, which I thought was a great idea.

Available in different colours, you can buy the Travalo priced £9.99 here, but check Ebay first to see if you can find it cheaper.

Gotcha! Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Who else logged online at 10am on Tuesday morning, to bag themselves the Models Own Beetlejuice polishes? I did and here they are all in all their duochrome glory. I'm working my way through them so keep an eye out for swatches - starting today.

I ordered all five for £18 from the Model Own website and delivery was free too. Best of all, they arrived early morning, the next day (ASOS take note!) - I couldn't believe it.

Those of you who haven't bought any yet but plan to, will be pleased to hear they're not limited edition either. If you've treated yourself to some (or all of them), are you happy with your buys so far?  

Eau de Snooki?! Kill Me Now...

Saturday, November 05, 2011

I love Jersey Shore. The antics of Seaside Heights famous five have provided me with much entertainment since the series began. However, the news that Nicole aka Snooki has launched a perfume made me physically recoil in horror.

You can only  imagine what the top notes of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi smell of ... spunk and vodka, laced with vomit and fake tan!

On a side note, as cheap as this girl portrays herself to be, she's not that stupid. The fifth (and rumoured to be last) season of Jersey Shore airs in January, so Snooki and Co's time to make as much money as possible whilst they're still in the public eye is limited - although she's got that spin-off show with Jenny planned afterwards.

It really says something when I don't even want to know what this smells like - according to Snooki, the perfume is a heavy blend of kiwi and sugar notes, and is "bubbly, flirty and sweet" to match her personality. Hmmm.

The bottle, her outfit ...OMG..I just can't!!

Pictures really do speak a thousand words. I have nothing more to say. Actually no, I do. One more thing, don't be surprised if Pauly D, Vinnie and Mike bring out with a male fragrance called 'DTF'!!

Boots Star Gift of the Week

Saturday, November 05, 2011

I suspect lots of you have begun to slowly shop for Christmas gifts to avoid the last min stampede which'll ensue in a few weeks time.

If so and you're out and about this weekend, pop into Boots and and check out this week's Star Gift of the Week offer, which is the Champneys Spa Complete Home Spa, less than half price at from 4th – 10th November 2011 at just £24.00 (usual price £50.00).

The set includes:
  • Citrus Blush Body Scrub - 200g. With cardamom, coconut fibres, brown sugar, lemon and kukui nut oil, designed to boost circulation, remove dead skin cells and create smooth, glowing skin.
  • Citrus Blush Shower Gel - 200ml, uses the uplifting aroma of orange peel and lemon oils with cardamom to revive your mind while leaving your skin soft and smooth
  • Citrus Blush Body Lotion - 200ml, contains sweet almond oil with vitamin E to soften your skin and leave it conditioned while energising mandarin, lemon oil and cardamom, will leave you feeling refreshed
  • Skin Comforting Bathing Milk - 300ml, carefully blends sweet almond oil, chamomile and wheatgerm extract to help moisturise dry skin, while the uplifting aromas of geranium and cedarwood soothe spirit and mind
  • Skin Comforting Shower Cream - 200ml, leaves you with soft, radiant skin
  • Skin Comforting Body Butter - 175ml, combines a blend of olive oil, shea, mango and cocoa butters to leave your skin feeling deeply moisturised
  • Body Polisher (100% polyethylene)

This will make an ideal Christmas gift or even as a pampering treat for yourself! Bargain!


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