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I have a love/hate relationship with The Body Shop. There are some products they make which I'll happily repurchase for the rest of my life. These being Coconut Body Butter (even though they tampered with the original formula), Hemp Hand Protector and Sweet Lemon Shower Gel - you can add Grapefruit Shower Gel to that list too actually. I love the special offers they often do on their website, which I think are really good value and I'll always pop into a sale of theirs to see what I can find. On the other hand, I think some of their products are very hit and miss.

I recently arrived home one evening to find this parcel from The Body Shop waiting for me. An unexpected arrival, I wondered what on earth it could be, but didn't get round to opening it until a couple of days later. When I did open it up, what I found inside was a preview of their upcoming new products - plus a cheeky Willy Wonka style note!

(Excuse the initial photo quality. I took a few of the pics with my phone as I was minus a working camera last week!)

My last experience with a chocolate scented moisturiser, was a major fail. I loathed it and it almost made me gag, so I wasn't best pleased to see another staring me in the face. Introducing Chocomania (£12.50), a choolate inspired body butter, As I unscrewed the lid, I prepared to be hit in the face by artificial smelling faux chocolate fumes....

However, I was met with a scent which was more reminiscent of the existing Shea Butter Body Butter than a box of Dairy Milk! This suits me just fine, as I don't like heavily scented cocoa-infused scents at all.  Chocomania melts into the skin and leaving it feeling well moisturised and smells lovely. I really, really like this, although I'm more likely to use this in the evening after a bath or shower as I wouldn't want the scent to affect my choice of perfume.

It's not suffocating and leaves me smelling teasingly edible if I say so myself! The 48hr hydration claim tickled me slightly as I can't imagine a scenario where I'd be going 48 hours without a shower for me to put it to the test in the first place. I'm a daily body moisturiser!

Next up, the lip balms. The Body Shop are releasing a new range called Born Lippy which consists of lip balm pots and sticks in 12 flavours:

The sticks come in the following flavours and are priced £3.50 each:

Pink Berry

and the pots will cost £2.00 each be available in:

Pink Guava
Passion Berry

I tried the lip balm stick in Pomegranate. It smells nice, tastes nice, was fairly moisturising but the packaging really took me back to my school days and it looked even cheaper when I took the cap off and swivelled it up out of the tube. It has the slightest tint of colour to it, but don't expect them to transfer to the lips very well. It took at least six swatches to get the colour to show up on my hand.

The pots are cute (if you're nine years old, I suppose), but again I find the packaging childish and unimaginative. The packaging is reflected in the price, which is easy on the pocket. They taste lovely though, very fruity! I was sent Passion Berry and Satsuma. They're apply sheer but are super glossy on the lips. I noticed Satsuma has very fine shimmer in it and both are quite sticky - so you'll need to a tissue to hand after application, unless you're really gonna try and wipe your fingers on your clothes on the sly!! 

Oh I suppose you want to see if I was a winner and found anything inside the wrapped chocolate bar? Indeed I did - one of the new Starbucks cards, which was thoughtfully topped up with some moolah too. That'll come in handy when I need warming up on the move! The Divine milk chocolate didn't taste half bad either!

Both Chocomanic Body Butter and the Born Lippy range will be available instore and online from February 2012.

*PR samples

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Farzana said...

The born lippy lipbalms are so sticky, I have them too. The packaging is very childish and some of the scents are sickly sweet. Don't think I'll repurchase again and lucky you. I love Starbucks, who doesn't? :)

Shortiee31 said...

I ordered my Chocomania body butter while it was online for the 48 hour period this week! I can't wait to get it! :D

The Nerd... said...

lmao i was so excited reading this!! I saw chocomania on the site a couple days ago and like you, I was a bit hesitant because I cannot STAND the aroma of chocolate cosmetics, but I may take a trip down to the store and try on a bit.
Great post!

liloo said...

I am a bit fussy as well with chocolate stuff. It is smells of cheap cold chocolate drinks: aaaaaaaaa I can't cope but this looks nice. Oh I wish they had done a tiny little tub (travel size) of 50ml and I would have indulged. Got too many body moisturisers as it is.
liloo/@tsunimee xx

Girlie Blogger said...

I like the Body Shop, but I really don't like anything that smells like food. Chocolate? No thanks!

GforGlitzy said...

My husband bought me the Chocomania Shower, Moisture & Scrub Luxury Gift set a couple of days ago and I haven't got the chance to try it. I think it's time to indulge in a chocolate bath tonight. :)

hermindbloggles said...

cool post! I love the born lippy sticks! but I really wished they showed up more. How did you get a free package? and why?!! you are one lucky gal.


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