Sales Swag: Sam Edelman Kellan Wedges

My name's Yinka and I love shoes.

I told you I got a bit happy during the sales, I don't think you believed me. Summer is nowhere to be seen - yet, but when that yellow circle in the sky does make a reappearance, these babies will be getting their premiere outing.

I adore the leather weave detail on these wedges, the lace up fronts and the 70s vibe they give off. I'm also semi-confident I won't be running into a million girls wearing these, this spring and summer either!

I love wedges, easy to walk in, and easy to dress up or down. I stumbled upon these by accident, and what a happy accident they were. I almost bought them for much more on but bagged the best bargain ever and snapped these up for just £40! YES £40! They were originally on sale for £60 down from £200 or something silly like that, over on, but I received a call informing me they'd been damaged  but that I could have them for an additional £20 off and still return them if I didn't like them once they arrived.

That sounded like a fair deal, but luckily 'damage' was so minute that I spent a good five minutes searching for the problem and let out a dismissive "Oh! is that it?!" once I came across the teeny weave detail which had snapped at the back of one of them. You can't even notice it!

I've decided to have them dyed a little darker though so that that they reflect the shade they are in the promo image. They currently blend into my legs a bit when I tried them on. I recall my Mum used to dye her shoes on a regular basis when I was little, so I'll pick her brains when I get round to buying the dye, etc The sizing is generous on these. I don't think I've ever bought a pair of shoes which feel roomy in my life!

I'm so pleased with these, I rub my hands in glee every time I open their box!

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

@least the damage is a teeny weeny hun,love those wedges they look fab!

The Nerd... said...

The wedges look great! And for a good price too - sales FTW

Joy said...

Where/how do you get shoes dyed?? I've never heard of that before...?


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