Sales Swag: Topshop Android Boots

I still haven't braced the sales taking place instore and and I really have no intention of doing so either. I think I did pretty well bagging a number of bargains from the comfort of my sofa!

I've been looking for a pair of ankle boots to take me from day to night which wouln't cripple my feet and I liked the look of the Topshop Android boots, but didn't want to fork out a silly amount of moolah for them in the run up to Christmas.

When I spied the Topshop Android boots a few months ago, I really liked the look of them, but resisted paying full price, having a sneaky feeling they'd go in the Christmas sale - and I wasn't disappointed. Overall I wasn't impressed with Topshop's offerings in their sale but I'm very pleased with these and love the suede panel detail on them. Despite them being an eye-watering five inches, they're quite comfortable too. Result!

Did you manage to bag anything worthwhile in the Topshop sale or were you disappointed with it too?

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Katie Chutzpah said...

I normally manage to find 'something' in TS but this season's sale was dire. I did do a Zara blitz though.

C.A.R. said...

i really like these! and yeah, i got a pair of cherry red corduroy pants from Contoir des Contonniers but otherwise, i didn't really go through the sales... i never seem to find much. i go thrift shopping if i want cheep clothes, and at least they feel slightly more unique

Computergirl said...

Oo pretty shoes. Managed to bag a few things in the sales but some had to go back :( xx

SparklesandLipgloss said...

They are beautiful! I couldn't find anything in the sales this year or the past few years, I think because I used to work in River Island and I saw that they put out a lot of rubbish, I kinda avoid the sales these days. I used to love them :( xx

Wande Alugo said...

Topshop robbed me this, I shopped like it was Primark! Loved it!


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