Better Than Expected - Proactiv Solutions Deep Cleansing Wash

We've all seen the cheesy adverts for Proctiv Solutions right? The world's best selling anti-blemish and spot treatment skincare brand which happens to have more than 15 million customers in 60 countries, counting Avril Lavigne, Kate Perry and Justin Bieber as fans. Maybe you've caught their adverts flicking through TV channels late at night here in the UK or on U.S TV where they seem to be on every five minutes! Either way, I've always thought "Yeah, whatever" and have changed the channel. The fact they seem to go on forever grates me too.

I heard that Proactiv had launched in Boots last week, and was pleasantly pleased. Why's that then? I've just written a paragraph slating it right? Well I still think it's cheesy as hell and no, I don't for a second believe that the likes of Kate Perry and Avril Lavigne are regular users either - after all, we all know money and advertising talks, so being 'the face' of anything these days means nothing to me.

I will say this though, I love Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (pictured below) although I thought it'd be cheaper than its £15.95 price tag.

This was included in a gift bag I received at an event back in December and curiosity got the better of me over the festive period. I wanted to see what was supposedly so great about this range, so I tried it one morning and haven't stopped coming back to it. I still use this regularly, alternating between my favourite Murad cleansers.

Containing exfoliating granules which don't scratch or irritate my skin, it cleanses really well, helping to unclog pores and reduce oiliness. It doesn't  leave my skin feeling tight and dry either despite containing salicylic acid. This is good stuff - my skin loves it anyway!

Have you had success with Proactiv Solution products? I'm interested to know. My best friend succumbed to the ads a couple of years ago, but it didn't work for her at all.

The Proactive Solution 3 Step System to Clearer Healthier Looking Skin is on sale at Boots for £39.99 and more on the brand and products in the range can be found on their UK website - which offers a 60 day money back guarantee with all purchases.

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

Have always been curious about Proactive whenever I see it on telly but never got round to buying it. From ur review the cleanser sounds amaze,wonder if it will peform better than Clinique Antiblemish cleanser though. Gon check it out thanks for sharing hun:-

Girlie Blogger said...

Anything with salisylic acid is good for treating pimples, but I have never used Proactiv. Let us know if it works.

Empress said...

I've used proactive before, and it seemed to work just as good as anything else off the drug store shelf. It did smell pretty friggin amazing though i will say that much.


Second Hand Rose said...

Thanks so much for doing a review on this! Heard a lot of mixed reviews on this, so I've not been sure whether to try it or not. I can still hear the music for the ad in my head now! XxxX

Josh Barron said...

I agree with the things you said about this skin care product. I have been using the proactiv deep cleansing wash 8oz for a couple of weeks already and it has been great.


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